Do you pause to enjoy?

When you get something you want, do you stop and allow yourself to truly enjoy it, allow it time to integrate into your life and savour it fully?

This may be as simple and everyday as enjoying your morning coffee or it may be as big as a life goal you’ve been working hard to attain – a new joy, house or relationship.

It is so important to stop, enjoy and reflect upon your journey.

Life is about expansion and contraction, the inhale and the exhale, the receiving of new things, people, experiences and the letting go of what you no longer need, or what has finished – a relationship, a job, grieving a loved one.

Between your in-breath and your out-breath there is a pause.  Between your out-breath and your in-breath there is a pause.  This is when you can access stillness and deeply connect with your inner self.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed.  Notice your breathing.  Allow your thoughts to come and go, trying to not get attached to any of them.  Slowly increase the length of your in-breath and your out-breath.  When your breath has slowed sufficiently, can you introduce a pause at the top of the in-breath and the end of the out-breath?  Can you rest in the pause and notice the energy deep within your body, your life-force, your vitality?  This is the still point where you connect with your deeper self.

Allow yourself time to pause, savour, enjoy, cry, let go, appreciate or relish.  This will make your experience of life more full, meaningful and complete.