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To inspire and motivate you to create the changes you desire in your life, and to encourage you to fulfil your potential

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  • Are there things in your life you would like to change?
  • Would you like help to build up your self-confidence and courage?
  • Would you like some support and guidance with life’s challenges?
  • What are your dreams?  Visions?  Goals?
  • Do you feel stuck in any areas of your life?

I am passionate about empowering people to create positive changes in their lives; to learn about how powerfully creative your thoughts and beliefs are.  I love to help people work with this knowledge to enable them to live a more fulfilled life.

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My mission statement for 2018:

My aim is to help people feel alive, loved, supported, passionate, empowered, connected, energised, confident, creative, awake, healed, to fulfil their potential, discover and live their life purpose, and to be powerful.  I want these people to go out and change the world.  To be the change they wish to see in the world.  To understand and work with the law of attraction/the energies of the universe and focus on the positive things they want to see in the world and their lives.

My vision is that more and more people feel empowered, satisfied and contented with their lives.  To know and feel that they have enough and are supported abundantly.  So they can let go of needing more than they need.  So they can work together and individually to focus on creating change in the world.  So they can be creative and find solutions so that all humans are fed, watered, have shelter and clothing.  So all humans are safe and loved and cared for.  So all humans are healed of their pain and wounds.

My passion is supporting people to find their definition of “success” – through all aspects of  life and sharing the many techniques and tools I have learnt through personal experience and study.  My vision and dream is for each individual to be able to tap into their potential, individuality and creativity; helping to raise levels of contentment, joy and aliveness.

My work focuses on understanding and working with learning about the power of our minds/thoughts/beliefs;  the law of attraction and using a combination of techniques and practices including guided meditations, mindfulness, visualisation, and imagination.

“Success is creating something when you need it, making a contribution to others, and loving and respecting yourself and others….Look at others as successful not by how rich they are, but by the quality and happiness of their lives”  Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Become the Powerful Creator in your Life.

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