“Elaine has a real gift for teasing out the areas of your life that you are wanting to focus on and making you clarify how these might manifest for you.  Her positive outlook and studies of the laws of attraction inform her coaching and she is able to look at everything from a point of view of abundance, rather than my usual tendancy towards lack! After my sessions with Elaine I felt much clearer about what I wanted and how I might make those previously ‘out of reach’ aspects of my dreams, more attainable.  I also felt more grateful about where I am now.”
Nicky C, Brighton

I’m so glad that I recently took part in “Transform your Life: Follow your Dreams!”, with Elaine and the other wonderful participants; it really has set me on a new course that is… quite frankly… life changing.  I have known Elaine for many years, in her role as an acupuncturist, and she brings the same integrity, wisdom, compassion and brilliant sense of humour to her facilitating role as an Holistic Life Coach. There is a serious intent in Elaine’s work to share the knowledge, experience and tools that she has developed over many years with those who wish to bring about a significant change in their life direction. There is a lightness of touch in Elaine’s approach that makes this work so enjoyable as well as deeply transforming.  In a warm, supportive and relaxed environment I found the process of exploring ones life dreams and then working with affirmations and other practical exercises to shift one’s thoughts and feelings an incredibly powerful experience. The most amazing thing has been to observe how quickly change can manifest in the physical world. What I’m discovering is that living my dream is really not as far away as I thought! “
Caroline P, Brighton

” I was recently lucky enough to be a participant on Elaine’s  group workshop.  I normally find  participating in groups  a tad daunting.However Elaine was warm and welcoming and at pains to put us at our ease,offering us drinks and homemade healthy flapjacks!  The venue was absolutely perfect the “Meditation cabin” as it became known as, quickly became a place I longed to go back to each week. The space definitely feels special. Elaine’s way of structuring  each of the evenings was flexible allowing for the way the direction of the group naturally wanted to go. I  particularly enjoyed the creative exercises as there was no pressure and it felt wonderfully spontaneous. Elaine has a wealth of knowledge from years of experience and personal research from which she was able to draw from to help each of us  get more clarity. She opened us up to different ways of thinking,new ideas,different ways of being. I found that I became more relaxed more positive and less stressed over the weeks.I was given inspiration to follow a path I have long wanted to travel. I am learning new ways forward and what was once impossible  now seems a possibility. “

Ingrid, Brighton

“I began Elaine ‘s “Follow your Dreams”  course with an open mind and the broad intention to gain clarity on what I wanted to manifest in my life. What I gained was much more than this.

Elaine created a space that was loving, supportive and non-judgemental. She has a beautiful, warm and grounded energy. Exactly what is needed as we begin to seed and nurture our dreams.  With her vast knowledge and experience of the law of attraction, spiritual development and health and wellbeing, Elaine provided the tools and resources needed to begin making dramatic shifts.

I loved the way Elaine pushed us to dream bigger. She brought in different exercises, be it vision boarding, meditations, visualisations, affirmations and journaling…all aimed at opening us up to our infinitely creative selves, letting go of self limiting beliefs, and living more consciously and abundantly.

For me, it feels great to have a renewed vision for my life. I realise I need to feel all those doubts and cynical voices and go for it anyway. They will always be there but I can choose what to focus on. Being witnessed and supported by the group has helped me feel really positive about who I am now, in this moment, and  more open to let the miracles unfold!”  Sarah S, Brighton

Thank you Elaine.  My Vision Board experience has helped me imagining open doors and what I want to work towards and what that looks, sounds and feels like.Karen

“Elaine’s workshop came at exactly the right time, or maybe because I knew I was coming on the course, I made some important decisions as groundwork in preparation.  Whatever the motivation, it was the right space to gently explore new thoughts and ideas with other inspirational women.  There was laughter, tears, shared wisdom, creativity, play and revelation, both for myself and through listening to others.  Id love to do more please.”  Philippa, Hassocks

“Thank you Elaine.  That was a really thought-provoking and unleashing afternoon – it was quite inspiring – I am leaving feeling positive and determined to make some guilt-free subtle changes in my life.” Linda

Elaine worked with me to untangle the knots in my life that were stopping me from making important life decisions and re-evaluate my work life balance. After only 3 sessions I was able to take the steps necessary to move my ageing parents to a new home that suits them, me and our wider family. Furthermore, she helped me value my skills and exhorted me to state my job without self-deprecating laughter.  Elaine is non judgemental and is fantastic at highlighting issues with no feeling of patronisation or pressure.”  Pia Miller-Jones, Face-painter and carer.

“Wonderfully creative space and time to reflect and explore my feelings.” Rachel, Brighton

“I am a Massage Practitioner in the Brighton and Hove area, I have been practising a little over a year. I have found the marketing side of the business somewhat challenging. I was looking for some inspiration and found out about the workshop (google) that Elaine does on Building a practice. My expectations were that the workshop would be just about marketing and advertising which I would have been more than happy with.

To my amazement I left the workshop with so much more, I was able to discuss my reasons for attending and what I wanted to gain from it. I learnt some invaluable tools on how to be successful in what I do both professionally and in my personal life. I was also happy with the books that Elaine recommended to me as I have ordered some of them, I am now feeling much more confident about my massage business and have since taken steps to being successful. Thank you Elaine.”

Ida Dowthwaite, Brighton.  

“Thank you! the sessions really made me think about what I wanted and kick started me into a new positive part of my life. I feel that I am beginning to make the changes required and more importantly, even though i feel scared and anxious about some of the things I need to do,  I am doing them.”  Karen, Brighton

2015-06-07 19.58.09

“I just want to say thank you for this brilliant workshop. It was just what I needed after having recently passed my exam in Holistic Massage. I felt a bit lost after the exam and didn’t really know where to start setting up a practice and I also needed some motivation. I want to thank to thank Elaine for sharing her broad knowledge in this field with us and providing us with so much valuable advice. The course is a good combination of business based information, but the spiritual part plays a big role, too (which I really liked).”

Ute Kind, Brighton.

“Elaine has a wealth of knowledge and experience, both as a practitioner, and as a prosperous practice developer . Her insights to building a succesful practice are clear, effective and solution focused. She shares her ideas and information generously and abundantly.”

Karen Swirsky, Brighton.

“Elaine has a clear and inquiring mind, bringing a fresh approach to this subject as well as offering practical help and suggestions. I think anyone could find a shift in their practice by doing this course.”

Sue Way, Bath.

“Fantastic. Just what I needed. Not only did I learn more about myself but I found my Spiritual Advisor. I also understood that I’m the only one in control of my happiness, my life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Elaine for all the hard work and love she has put into this course. It has been a new learning experience for me and one which I have truly enjoyed. Elaine is open minded, really keen on sharing her experience, and her advice is really top quality. Worth doing this course, for anyone wanting to set up their business or giving a boost to the one they have. Completely and utterly life-changing.”

Virginie Fosse, France.

“I have been receiving acupuncture from Elaine for over 20 years now and feel strongly that my regular treatments continue to support both my physical health and my general wellbeing.  Acupuncture is such an effective treatment for acute conditions but I have also found it a particularly effective preventative therapy. I’m sure I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am now without my top up treatments and seasonal MOTs with Elaine.  Elaine is an exceptional acupuncturist who brings empathy, commitment and integrity to her practice. I always enjoy my sessions with her and generally leave the treatment room feeling balanced and invigorated.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Elaine to anyone who is considering acupuncture.”

Caroline Pickering, Brighton

“Since starting acupuncture I have found it invaluable with managing pain and fatigue levels. In addition it has been a beneficial complement to fertility treatment. Having acupuncture has improved my well being and health as it has helped me to relax and think of my body in a less medicalised way. Elaine provides holistic treatment and professional advice whilst being soothing and empathetic in her approach. I always look forward to my acupuncture treatment sessions.”  Katherine Smith, Brighton


“I have been seeing Elaine Gibbons at The Natural Health & Yoga Centre for over a year and a half now and she has helped me immensely with my overall stress levels. I am from a sales background, working long hours which at time can be extremely high pressured so using acupuncture helps channel that stress and I can honestly say that I feel like a calmer person – even my wife says that I’m easier to live with although I couldn’t quite understand where she was coming from! Elaine is extremely knowledgeable, very patient and I always look forward to my treatment. Would thoroughly recommend her.”   

James Lewis,Burgess Hill


“I met Elaine 4 years ago at the end of my pregnancy with my son, who according to my midwife was presenting himself for birth in a posterior position.  After a few treatments from Elaine, I delivered my son from an anterior position.  A few years later, I have developed some complex health problems and have been seeing Elaine regularly for the past year.  I feel I have benefitted from her treatments greatly – I am in a much healthier place!  She is not only very skilful in acupuncture but also has a broad knowledge on wide ranging health related issues.  She is very perceptive, patient, helpful and caring.  I would highly recommend her! “

Ania, Brighton

“Elaine has treated me for 20 year for various ailments including ME, frozen shoulder and migraine.  The treatments have helped me get back to work and to remain in the workplace, with regular sessions leaving me with much more energy and able to sleep better.  This remains for a good period of time.   The treatment on my recurrent shoulder pain was really successful, having tried cortisone injections, and has not recurred in more than 6-7 years.  I would happily recommend Elaine for treatments.”  Leesa Weston, Peacehaven

“I have been seeing Elaine for acupuncture for about ten years, she has supported me through big life changes, the birth of my daughter, moving house, and various health concerns from infections through to gynaecological issues.  I always feel better and more positive about life after a treatment with Elaine, she really listens to what is going on in your life and treats you as a whole person.  I find the treatments relaxing and generally find that things shift through afterwards.  I would really recommend her wholeheartedly.”  Nicky M, Brighton

“I feel very fortunate that Elaine came into my life when she did. My son was 4 years old and we were hoping to have another child. I had had a traumatic miscarriage and I was exploring fertility options when I thought I would try acupuncture. I must add I was needle phobic and doubtful of ‘alternative medicine’. I was desperate to have results and also watchful of being sucked into an industry. I had seen friends spend years and all their savings on fertility treatments. In my mind, I thought would commit to a couple of months of treatments, if unsuccessful I would explore something else. 

  Looking back now I see I was won over that first night, although I was somewhat guarded with Elaine, I did feel safe and supported. The results of the treatment where an unexpected delight. I had an amazing sense of wellbeing, I remember gliding back home and having the best night sleep. I felt then that if I didn’t achieve my ultimate goal of a viable pregnancy, that acupuncture was a credible treatment for me, in terms of stress, anxiety, and restoring a sense of well-being.

  I feel I built a rapport with Elaine quite swiftly. She is empathetic, sympathetic, highly knowledgeable and very professional. I felt relaxed and safe during treatments. I felt reassured that I wasn’t alone in my struggle to conceive and have a viable pregnancy. Over the weeks I lost my sense of shame, guilt and anger about my miscarriage. Then something amazing happened. Within only a few cycles I was pregnant. 

  I feel that my pregnancy tested Elaine’s skills to the max; each week there would be a new development from acute morning sickness (Hyperemesis gravidarum) through to ligament pain. I remember buzzing the doorbell and thinking, “She’s not going to believe what’s happening to my body this week!”. To my infinite surprise she did understand, and she knew how to treat it each time. I felt reassured that my weekly list of complaints were only new to me, not new to her.

  I saw Elaine throughout my pregnancy and for some time afterwards. The sessions helped restore my health after a very challenging pregnancy and birth of my daughter.

  A little over a year ago I started to see Elaine again. I had had another miscarriage and felt I needed to focus on my health. Although we wanted another child, I was aware my age was not on my side. Having another child was a strong desire, I didn’t know if it would be possible. Again I was surprised how quickly I became pregnant, it took a few months this time, but it seemed miraculous and so exciting. 

 This pregnancy was physically and emotionally the most challenging experience of my life. In my previous pregnancy I was admitted to hospital many times with acute morning sickness and dehydration. I was determined to avoid that this time. With Elaine’s help and regular sessions, I managed to keep the hospital at bay and maintain the pregnancy, even when I had pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain in the final months. 

Baby Marlowe arrived 6 weeks early, he is now a super strong, bonnie 7 month old baby boy. He has a 5 year old sister, Tallulah; and a 10 year old adoring and adorable brother Orlando. For this I feel so grateful, fortunate; lucky. I look at my family and I see all the work that made it happen. I know it wouldn’t have just happened on it’s own. I needed to take responsibility for my health. I needed Elaine’s help and support. When I first met Elaine I was in a position where it would have been really difficult for me to admit I needed help, but now I am happy to thank Elaine for her amazing work over the years to create the family I truly wanted.Vanessa, Brighton

Vision Board Workshop

“A warm welcome, lovely venue with wood burner, calmly held space, hot drinks and homemade flapjack! Elaine walks her talk and is clearly passionate about sharing her story and success in manifesting (an inspiration). I loved the afternoon, particularly writing the letter and hearing others share their dreams.  Nice to spend time with like minded women.”  Sage

“Thank you for the excellent workshop on Sunday, it was so enjoyable but was also really powerful, cathartic even.” Kerry

“Thank you so much for the vision board afternoon. I found it very good and was particularly delighted with the notion of going underneath the initial ‘what do I want?’ to include emotions and motivations.” Victoria


2015-06-07 19.43.31