Changes and challenges

Change is the only certain thing in life.  By losing its branch, a tree  offers a vital space for new life and a myriad of species to emerge and thrive.

Try not to resist change that comes your way, as that is equal to resisting life itself.  Learn to go with the flow.  Like a boat on a river, point and steer it in the direction you wish to be heading but be open to new and exciting possibilities beyond your imagination.

A tree that has never experienced storms and turbulent weather fronts won’t develop deep and sustaining root systems and will be toppled in the first strong gusts.

See your challenges and troubles as experiences that you grow from, that push you to learn tools and techniques to help you strengthen and deepen your roots so each following challenge might get a little easier to transition through.

Build up your toolbox, learn new techniques, try out different support systems and offerings, for example, mindfulness, counselling, singing, dancing, walking in nature, gratitude etc

Wisdom is not gained from having an easy and care-free life.  To want and expect an easy and care-free life is naive and leads to frustration, anxiety and more challenging emotions.

Life throws us internal and external challenges frequently .
Grow deep roots.
Resource yourself.
Embrace the adventure of life.