Offering no resistance to life…

I have recently been playing around with the idea of offering no resistance to whatever occurs in my life.  I frequently feel like I have ideas and plans of what I would like to happen, or feel like should be happening in my life but often then doesn’t happen for one reason or another – which I notice I can then get frustrated about.

Now it can be a great idea to make plans and have ideas about what you want to be doing with your work, hobbies, friends and family etc but if we have fixed ideas, then we aren’t so open to unexpected opportunities, activities and suggestions that may cross our path.  So I have been experimenting saying yes to life.

I recently went to a festival and a older lady who heard about my unwell father came up to me and said she wished to pray.  I said that’s fine, go ahead – but then she grabbed my hand so we could pray together!  Now, those of you who know me will know that I’m not a religious person, but I reminded myself about going with the flow, and I was incredibly touched by her heartfelt prayer to the universe and towards my father.

This concept can also be called accepting and allowing what comes your way without struggle.  Obviously if whatever is happening is not good for you, is inappropriate or oversteps your boundaries, then you must prioritise your well-being.  But living in the flow of what is happening can be a fun experiment to try out.

I have thoughts and ideas about how I would like my life to move forward, but I equally feel quite excited by being open to the unknown, to new and unexpected adventures, people and experiences.  I’ll let you know how this all pans out!!

In my book: “YES YOU CAN, 10 steps to creating a life you love”, I share the exercise:

Say Yes to Life
For 24 hours say yes to everything! Do you want a cup of tea? Yes. Do you want this seat on the bus? Yes. Do you want a carrier bag with your shopping? Yes. Do you want to come to the cinema today? Yes. Do you want sex tonight? Yes. Do you want a lift into town? Yes. Do you want to come to the gym with me? Yes.

Obviously, do not say yes if it is inappropriate, unsafe, not in your best interest, insulting or derogatory to you.

Play around and have fun. If you do have to say ‘no’ to something, take the time to think about what it could have been like if you had said yes. Is your default pattern to resist life experiences before trying them out?

Start noticing the things and areas in your life that you are more likely to automatically say ‘no’ to. Could you start being open to saying ‘yes’ to this part of your life more often, would this be in your interest? Could it open up new channels of energy flowing to you, new possibilities?

This exercise is about letting go of your resistance to life and learning to be open to new and exciting possibilities, experiences and all that life has to offer.