Quick activities to raise & maintain your energy field

– Use sage to ‘smudge’ yourself and your environment. Buy yourself a sage smudge stick (there are plenty available online) and read or watch directions for how to use it on YouTube. You can use it to cleanse your rooms, especially your bedroom and your workspace. You can also cleanse your aura by wafting it … Read more

Create a mood boosters list

Create a ‘mood boosters’ list   Create yourself a ‘mood boosters’ list. This is a list of things that will help to make you feel happier and more energised. It would be great to have a variety of things that you could do at different times.   When you feel your energy dip, physically, mentally … Read more

Stop doing things that make you feel miserable

Stop doing things that make you feel miserable   Don’t indulge in watching negative television programs, negative self-talk, excessive negative news-watching, complaining or negative conversations with others. Avoid binging on food, alcohol, television, social media, suppressive or mind-numbing technology, mood-numbing drugs etc. Stop procrastinating on taking daily action in the direction of manifesting your dreams … Read more

Save your New Year plans for later

Whoever chose the date of 1st January to be the New Year, was obviously not living in tune with the seasons and nature! If you look around you in nature there is nothing “new yearish” going on. There is no high energy or surges of motivation, the earth is resting, nature is quiet, the trees … Read more

Staying calm through adversity

There is so much coming and going, so much change occurring around us at this time, that is out of our control. What can you do to help maintain your balance and equilibrium? You can sit quietly and notice your breath. You can tune into all the sounds around you. You can bring awareness to … Read more

Looking ahead to 2021

Well…what a year that has been!  Could you ever have imagined that we would have experienced this?!?  Everyone appears to have found it challenging, albeit in different ways. With the approach of the Winter Solstice on Monday 21st December, this is the ideal opportunity to let go of what you no longer wish to take forward … Read more

Let go of your worries and fears…

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  You are here to experience joy, happiness, love, contentment and peace.  This is your true inner nature.  However, frequently, we can get overwhelmed with our worries, troubles and fears. It is really important to release these as often as you need.  A technique I can highly recommend is Journaling.  … Read more

Motivate, nourish, energise…

Are you finding this a tricky time of year?  Are you experiencing extra challenges due to the prolonged restrictions we are living within?  I highly recommend that you prioritise an extra 10-15 minutes of self-care, first thing in the morning. Maybe you’re feeling negative, low, frustrated, restless, bored, or overwhelmed with all the challenges in … Read more

There is a positive change in the air…

It feels to me that there has recently been a big energy shift on the planet.  It feels like a door has been flung open to the returning of all that is good; to a huge and necessary healing for many; to an opportunity for humanity to start uniting, even with differences of opinions. Can … Read more

Is this your favourite time of year?

I often hear people say “this is my favourite time of year” or “this is my worst season, I hate winter”.  Years ago, and for many years, I would really struggle with the advent of November, the thought of the long, dark, cold, wet season ahead of me, with months to survive before my favourite … Read more