Celebrating the winter solstice

We are in the few days approaching the winter solstice at the moment.  The winter solstice is the point in the year when the sun rises in the northern hemisphere for the shortest amount of hours in the day.  From about the 22nd December onwards, the amount of daylight hours will then increase until we … Read more

Overcoming a low mood

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t write a post last week. Well last week, I was overwhelmed with a sense of low mood and lack of motivation.  I had no inspiration for anything I may wish to write about, and I was totally unmotivated to even get into that space or turn … Read more

Live as if you are dying

What would you do today if you had just been told that you only had a few weeks left to live? Unfortunately, this is the prognosis of a dear friend of mine of over 25 years.  What would you do? Would you reflect upon your good memories and ignore the bad ones? Would you give … Read more

Fall in love…..with yourself

How often do you remember to praise yourself?  Do you frequently acknowledge all the good you do each day? Or are you more prone to berate and criticise yourself? We can set ourselves crazy unachievable lists of attributes that we should have, or activities that we should do before we can feel good about ourselves.  … Read more

Now is the time to look after yourself…

In my acupuncture clinic over the last week or two, I have been hearing three main themes.  These include: an apprehension of the impending winter; lower energy levels; and craving more food/gaining a few pounds.  All three of these experiences are common, normal and to be expected.  Look around at the trees, their sap is … Read more

Go with the flow and be happy…

I think we all want to be happy, peaceful, contented and enjoying our lives. Is this true for you? However, there’s no such thing as a perfect life.  Within every moment there are compromises.  There are things that you can value and things that you can complain about.  There is no perfect location to live, … Read more

How to create positive changes…

Are there positive changes you would like to create in your life? Wouldn’t it be lovely if every time you thought about something, some person or some experience you would like to have, it automatically appeared? When there is something you want to manifest in your life, the answer from the universe is always yes! … Read more

Create yourself a mood-boosters list…

We have just passed the point of the Autumn Equinox. A time where the earth is in balance. A time to reflect upon how much balance you have in your life. Is there something you could be doing more of, or less of to achieve better balance?  It is also a time to appreciate the abundance … Read more

Do you prioritise self-care?

How well do you look after yourself?  Do you eat well every day? Do you exercise regularly? Do you relax?  Do you partake in activities you love to do every day?  If not, why not? Why is it sometimes so difficult to commit to a decision we have made to positively change something in our … Read more