New Moon Meditation

We are in the middle of the intense energy of the new moon which peaks just before midday Thursday (BST) with an annular solar eclipse. This is also known as a “Ring of Fire” new moon solar eclipse. To navigate you through this time, I have uploaded a gentle guided New Moon meditation on YouTube. … Read more

Do you suffer from health anxiety?

Maybe you have one or more physical conditions or symptoms that are really bothering or worrying you.  Maybe you are experiencing pain or an itchy skin condition that is very distracting.  Lots of our physical conditions can draw our full time attention to them, then can become a central feature in our life.  In my … Read more

Are you waiting?

I was sitting in the sunshine in my garden noticing my thoughts and observed a sense of waiting.  Maybe I’ve always had it.  We do live in a society where there’s a sense of promise that in the future things will be better – when we have a better job, more money, a nicer partner, … Read more

Do you have a relationship or friendship that needs to improve?

Is there someone in your life you are having difficulty or challenges with?  Do you have a relationship that you would like to improve?  This might be your partner, parent, child, a work colleague, neighbour or a friend. Try this exercise: Initially it’s important to acknowledge to yourself that you are finding them difficult and … Read more

Are you enough?

Do you ever find yourself berating yourself for not being good enough, not working hard enough, not relaxing enough, not being perfect enough. It’s time to give yourself a break. Nobody is perfect. We have good days and bad days. Enjoy the good times, be kind and compassionate with yourself through the bad times. Choosing … Read more

Do you allow yourself to pause and receive?

When you get something you want, do you stop and allow yourself to truly enjoy it , allow it time to integrate into your life and savour it fully? This may be as simple and everyday as enjoying your morning coffee or it may be as big as a life goal you’ve been working hard … Read more

Anxiety-busting techniques

If you are someone who suffers from or experiences anxiety from time to time, or a lot of the time, these current times that we are living through can be extra challenging because the fear level on the planet seems to have raised exponentially. Things have changed and are still in flux and adjusting to … Read more

Moving through anxiety

Anxiety is a negative thought projected into the future.  If you are very present and “being” fully in the moment, you won’t experience anxiety. To help bring yourself into the present moment there are various exercises you could try: Feel your breath.  Notice where in your body you feel your breath. Scan down through your … Read more

Are you feeling bored?

Recently, I have noticed a few people mention that they are feeling a bit bored and unmotivated.  I’ve always found boredom a weird state of being.  It’s almost like a non-state or a non-feeling.  It’s not sad or angry but it’s also not excited, passionate or happy.  My experience has been that the best thing … Read more

If I can do it, so can you…

If I can do it, so can you… Do you want to wake up feeling enthusiasm for the day ahead?  Do you want to feel happier and experience more inner peace and joy in your life?  Do you want to feel like you can cope and overcome the difficulties and challenges that come to you? … Read more