Do you pause to enjoy?

When you get something you want, do you stop and allow yourself to truly enjoy it, allow it time to integrate into your life and savour it fully? This may be as simple and everyday as enjoying your morning coffee or it may be as big as a life goal you’ve been working hard to … Read more

Spring is coming. Get ready…

I’m frequently inspired and guided by nature about what I need to do and when.  Having just returned from a windy and blustery dog walk where there were loads of fallen branches, twigs and dead wood on the ground, it reminded me that the run up to Spring is a great time to let go … Read more

Grounding and Calming yourself

With the busyness of the world around you, it can be very calming to ground yourself.  This can be done in many ways.  These include: burning some sage/incense mindfully and consciously walking in nature immersing yourself in water. lighting a candle walking barefoot closing your eyes and noticing your breathing – just for a few … Read more

What do you wish to create this year?

Early February is a powerful time of regrowth, regeneration and perfect for sowing gthe seeds of what you wish to manifest. This week marks the Celtic celebration of Imbolc, also known as Brigid’s Day – celebrating the re-emergence of spring and new growth..  We have a new moon and the start of the Chinese New Year … Read more

Happiness is a decision away!

Happiness is a practice, a decision and a discipline We all want to feel happy right? But so often, we don’t feel happy right now.  We might be hoping to feel happy later, when we leave work; when we have dinner; when we get home and see our partner/children/dog; when we go out with a … Read more

Using gratitude to promote change

If you want to start feeling happier, passionate, motivated and fulfilled; to learn how to create positive changes and manifest the things you desire in your life; then the trick is to start focusing on what you feel grateful for right now. Start feeling grateful for the ample food you have to eat, your warm … Read more

Start your day with a great morning routine

Power up your day with a nourishing morning routine… Mornings are the most powerful and effective time to improve your mental and physical health and well-being. Having a positive morning routine can really change your day – both in perception and in actuality.  When your energy is coming from a more focused, positive, calm, loving … Read more

How are you in this transitional time of year?

Although we are fully immersed in autumn, it feels like winter is approaching fast and with it comes Christmas which can be an externally busy and sociable time of year.  This is somewhat in opposition to what is happening in nature.  In nature, things are switching off, turning in, going to sleep and resting.  Can … Read more

Regaining your mojo…

Occasionally life throws us a little curve ball and occasionally it sends us a highly challenging event.  How do you regain your mojo when you have been knocked off centre?  This happened for me recently and I had to remind myself how to get back to my “normal” self.  I referred back to my book: … Read more

Are you enjoying your journey through life?

Are you enjoying your journey through life? Or are you always looking towards the next thing and not really present?  Are you missing your present moment life? When you wake up do you spend a moment enjoying the comfort and warmth of your bed or are you starting to think/dread your day ahead?  Could you … Read more