Spring is coming. Get ready…

I’m frequently inspired and guided by nature about what I need to do and when.  Having just returned from a windy and blustery dog walk where there were loads of fallen branches, twigs and dead wood on the ground, it reminded me that the run up to Spring is a great time to let go of what is no longer serving you, release the dead wood in your life.

Declutter your house – if it’s not useful or pretty and certainly if you haven’t used it in the last year or two, let it go – donate to a charity or a friend in need.

Detox your body – clean up your diet.  Drink more water (ideally 2l pure water per day), reduce or cut out caffeine and sugar, reduce or cut out saturated fats and red meat.

This is a great time to lose weight if you wish to do that too – so clean up your diet and start doing some cardio-vascular exercise where you increase your heart rate by 30 minutes per day.

Declutter your social media feed – if it isn’t inspiring, educational or entertaining – do you need it in your life?

Now is the time to set your intentions of what positive changes you wish to create this year, and now is the time to start making some changes.  Start today!