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I have found meditation to be an invaluable tool for living my life more consciously, more passionately, more productively.  We often make decisions or resolutions about lifestyle changes we wish to make – diet, fitness, health, work/life balance and meditation on a daily (or almost daily) basis can help us reconnect with ourselves and our commitment to ourselves and our life purpose.

Finding some inner peace can be truly enjoyable.  Being able to observe our mental chatter and not getting caught up in the story of our inner mind can be liberating and freeing.

Meditation can help ground you, relax you, and help you refocus on what you want to be doing with your precious time on earth.


I am continually uploading meditations that you can download for free, that you can use to enhance your life.  If you are completely new to meditation, you may wish to just start with the 3 minute breathe, and then progress to the 10 minute daily meditation.

I have also developed a meditation to cleanse the chakras, our energetic centres throughout the body, which can help you feel better, less negative, more positive, lighter and enhance your sense of well-being.  I am adding to these meditation downloads regularly so please check back or sign up to my newsletter where I will announce all new meditations that are available.

These meditations are all free to listen to.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel or come on to this website regularly to access all my new meditations.

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Ideal daily meditations for beginners:

3 minute breathe

10 minute breathe

10 minute daily morning meditation

Newly recorded meditations:

Healing Meditation –  Designed to support you and promote your good health and well being when you are in the middle of an illness. Listen a couple of times a day to enable a speedy recovery.

Power yourself up – Do you want to go through your day feeling empowered, positive, motivated and valuable?  Then spend some time each morning energising yourself, empowering yourself, realising your worth and releasing anything that you no longer wish to have in your life. Power yourself up and live your day from this place and watch the wonderful things and experiences that come your way.
I have recorded a new power-up meditation for you to try out – take a listen and let me know how you get on with it.

Let go of your worries and open to receive

Gratitude meditation

Relaxation meditation

Calm and relaxation

Standing and grounding

Learning to love yourself 

Connecting with love

Mountain Meditation

Gentle breathing

Grounding and Centering

Meditation for Anxiety

A gentle guided meditation to help you convert your anxieties into your strength and power.

Turn your Anxiety into your Power

These meditations support my book “YES YOU CAN 10 steps to creating a life you love”

and the 12 week program: ‘Create a Life You Love”

Visualise and Imagine your Dream Life.  A relaxing guided visualisation meditation to help you work to manifest your dream life scenario. With relaxing piano music in the background.

Connect with your Higher Self – Enhance your life by starting the process of turning within and connecting with your Higher Self.  18 minutes.

Positive Affirmations.  Positive Affirmations for you to listen to subliminally as you are falling asleep or in the background as you go about your day, as you commute, as you work on your computer etc. Allow them to get absorbed into your energy field.

Receive Divine Guidance from your Higher Self.  This meditation is to help you connect with your Higher Self to ask for and help you open to receive divine guidance.

Hand your dream life over to your Higher Self and Divine Source– Use this meditation to help you to connect within, to your Higher Self and hand over control of manifesting your dream life.

Recommended Daily Meditations to cleanse and invigorate your energy field:

Cleanse your Energy field – A guided meditation to help you quickly and effectively cleanse your energy field, your aura, your chakra energy system. Listen to regularly to release any negative energy you may have picked up during your day. You will feel energised and refreshed after each listen.  16 minutes.

Chakra Cleansing Meditation –  This powerful chakra cleansing meditation is great for using if you feel like you are stuck, or feeling negative/pessimistic, if you are feeling low. Some of the ways it can enhance your well-being are:

  • if you want more energy
  • to have a clearer head
  • enable you to connect with your higher self
  • open yourself to receive healing and rebalancing
  • help you feel invigorated and refreshed.

It can be listened to daily if you find this helpful, and can be particularly good at the end of a tough day, to clear your system and to enable you to quieten your mind and have a refreshing sleep.  This beautiful meditation is set to the backdrop of British woodland birdsong. Sit back, relax and receive!


These meditations are free or if you would like to send payment a suggested donation of £5 would be gratefully received.  Thank you.



“Relish your alone time.  Spending intentional time with our own selves is powerful medicine.  Take the time you need to recharge, refuel and refresh. They are transformational alchemy for the spirit, the mind, the heart and the body.  Pursue your own heart furiously, and never stop dating yourself. You are the most important relationship that you have. Cherish it.” © Ara  The Goddess Circle

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