Spring Equinox Blessings

We are now approaching the energetic season of Spring and the Spring equinox.  It’s time to create changes in your life.  It’s a great time to let go of what you no longer need and refocus your intentions on what you wish to create, experience and manifest.

This is a great time to declutter your house, clear out your cupboards, clean your windows and sort through your wardrobe and discard the clothes you no longer like, or will wear anymore.  On dry sunny days, open all your windows and doors to let in fresh air and energy.

Detox your body, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and easy-to-digest food. Get your body moving with exercise you enjoy.  Cut back on alcohol, sugar and caffeine and make sure you are drinking 2 litres of water per day.

If you feel like you’ve had a tough year, then make sure that you clear out any leftover trauma, either with a professional therapist, having a therapeutic moan to a good friend, or writing down anything that you feel you are hanging on to and burning it ceremonially.

And it’s a great time to plant the seeds of what you wish to manifest, create and experience this year.

With the spring comes renewed vigour, energy and motivation.  It’s perfect for refocusing and resetting your intentions.  You could consider doing a vision board to help gain some clarity and focus around what you wish to create and experience this year. If you need some help with this then do come along to my next:


10AM – 1PM

This Spring Equinox, get focused on what you wish to achieve, create and experience this year!

With this new Spring energy, comes a sense of starting afresh, of resetting your intentions and redirecting your life in the direction you want to be heading.  It’s the perfect time to activate your time ahead with intention, focus and clarity!  The Spring energy brings motivation, hope, and the energy to activate the positive changes you wish to see.

Vision boards are potentially incredibly powerful creations where you dare to imagine a life you wish to live. There may be new situations you wish to see in your life, better health, different work, more of a sense of life purpose or more positive habits, thoughts and actions.  You will be applying a collage of visual images, pictures, affirmations and words onto a large piece of paper to help with imagining and visualising your dreams into reality.  When you get really clear about what you want to manifest and the positive changes you wish to create in your life, you can then open yourself up to receive inspired action steps, “lightbulb” moments, motivation and passion to help these things, experiences and situations you desire to come about.

We will be powering up your vision board with some short and fun exercises to enhance your imagination and visualisation to help you set some dynamic intentions for your next solar year.

The workshop will be held in a beautiful wooden cabin, heated with a wood-burning stove, overlooking the rolling Sussex countryside.

Investment value: £35 for one person or book with a friend and save £5 each.  £60 for two.
Follow this link for information and to book.