Are you needing some wisdom, inspiration or comforting words?

If you ever feel like you’re in need of some words of wisdom, some comforting words, or you’re feeling stuck and need some inspiration, then you could try using Oracle Cards.  These have become increasingly popular over the last decade and they are an expanded version of the “Angel cards” which were popular in the 80s and 90s.  Oracle cards tend to be a deck of approximately 40-50 cards, with a lovely image and a keyword, along with a short passage to offer inspiration, wisdom or comfort.

You can just shuffle the cards and pick one for the day for you to reflect upon.  Alternatively the accompanying booklet will describe how to set up a 3-card reading if you are looking for some guidance with a problem or question you currently have.

There are oracle cards on healing, creativity, abundance, inspiration, angels, nature, animals, intuition, the moon, the celtic calendar and crystals to name but a few.  You can find them in most “alternative” bookshops, or on amazon or your local “crystal” store.  Let me know if you have any you recommend or if you buy some, let me know how you get on.