Are you super busy right now?

When you’re super busy, can you still look after yourself?

Cut down on doing the things that don’t support your self-care, not the other way round.

You may want to let go of reading the news or going on social media and make sure you have time to eat 3 healthy meals to keep your energy levels strong and your blood sugar stable.

Can you let go of answering your phone, emails or text messages immediately and do them all in one go so you can have 5 quiet minutes to yourself to sit and breathe?

Try to prioritise the things on your to-do list, and leave some for another day, so you can have some relaxation time before bed.

Can you move your body at frequent intervals and do 5 minutes of stretching or mobilising to keep your body flexible and your energy flowing well?  This will give you more stamina to get through your day.

Make yourself your number one.