What do I need right now?

This is the perfect time of year to keep returning to this question: What do I need right now?

Don’t listen to the outside influences that tell you to detox, get motivated, lose weight, power yourself up, and make new and exciting plans, unless that is what you are feeling you really want to do right now. Listen to your inner voice.  What do I need right now?

If you want to be inspired by external factors, look to nature.  Nature is still, calm and resting.  It is taking a long, deep time-out to recover from the exertions of last year.  It is deepening its roots into the ground to develop strength and nourishment at a deep level for the year to come.

Now is a time to rest.  So snuggle up, keep warm, and enjoy catching up with reading/watching films/hot drinks/eating roasts and nourishing soups.

And before you know it, the early signs of spring will be showing – the snowdrops and crocuses will appear and the days are already lengthening.  Soon your motivation will return, and your desire to be more active, create and plan will resume.  So just enjoy the now as it is.