Quick activities to raise & maintain your energy field

– Use sage to ‘smudge’ yourself and your environment. Buy yourself a sage smudge stick (there are plenty available online) and read or watch directions for how to use it on YouTube. You can use it to cleanse your rooms, especially your bedroom and your workspace. You can also cleanse your aura by wafting it around the outside of your physical body, or by getting someone else to do this for you.


– Buy some beautiful candles and light them when you are in need of extra support. Candles have been used in sacred ceremonies for so many centuries that they have a powerful energy to them.


– Burn some lovely scented incense or essential oils, or one of my current favourites is an electric essential oil diffuser. Use your olfactory nerve (your sense of smell) to uplift your energy. If you buy some incense sticks, make sure you do some research and buy natural, ethical and non-carcinogenic incense for your health and wellbeing.


– Listen to some uplifting, calming or upbeat music depending on your mood.


– Do some exercise. There are many well-documented benefits to getting regular physical exercise. Only do exercise that you really enjoy, as this will make you feel good emotionally and physically and your motivation to continue to do it will be greater.


– Open your windows and allow in some fresh air to clear the energy in your environment.


– Do some cleaning: a clean house can help you feel cleansed physically and emotionally. Do it yourself, or, if possible, treat yourself by paying someone else to do it for you.


– Smile at others, silently sending them love or blessings. Wish that they have a lovely day, especially people you feel need extra support or love at any particular time.


– Close your eyes and focus on 3 wishes: one for yourself, one for someone else and one for the world. Send them out into the universe with love.


Don’t underestimate how much some of these ‘other’ activities can help you feel better, physically and emotionally. Try them out and use them regularly. When you have got to this stage in the process, you really need to try to hang out in a high vibrational energy state as much as possible. This needs to be a major focus for you from now on. Learning how to prioritise yourself, your needs and your happiness means you then have more to give to others.