Transformational Mentoring

With Elaine Gibbons

Do you want to positively transform aspects of your life?

Do you want to feel like you have more meaning in your life?

Do you want to experience greater levels of satisfaction, positivity, happiness and fulfilment?

Do you want to feel like you are living your life purpose?

Do you want to start opening to receive all the good and abundance the universe has for you?


I am passionate about supporting you in making positive changes in any and all areas of your life  by working with the law of attraction, meditative practices and looking at life from a holistic and spiritual perspective.  When you start making changes, expect change to happen! It frequently happens in a different way from what you expect and that is part of the adventure of life!  Be open to the exciting and life-enhancing transformations that you can experience

I highly recommend you reading some or all of my book before considering working with me to see if the type of work I do resonates with and sounds like a good fit for you.

I will share and support you with many techniques for helping you to get focused on what you want and to help you release what is holding you back from making those changes, including powerful guided meditations.  By following your dreams and doing what you love, you can live a more enjoyable and fulfilled life

I offer mentoring support either through my online programs or via Skype/Zoom or telephone sessions.

I  share my work over the last 15 years studying and working with the law of attraction, facilitating transformative “follow your dreams” groups, through leading women’s groups, through teaching and practising meditation and through continuing to undertake much inner reflection.  I also call on 30 years supporting clients through my acupuncture practice.

If you are interested in working with me, please call or email me with a brief outline of what your needs are. Before starting this work, we can schedule a free 30 minute call/zoom session so I can assess whether I can positively help you to start creating the changes you desire.  I want you to succeed as much as you do!

Skype/Zoom sessions are available at £150 per hour.

Recommended initial consultation 1.5 hours; subsequent sessions 1 hour.  Weekly sessions are recommended for the first few weeks depending on your requirements, we can then space them out to fortnightly/monthly depending on what you need and your progression.


Special Offer: 6 sessions for the price of 5!

Book and pay for 6 sessions in advance and only pay for 5.



All payments are non-refundable.  Sessions valid for one year from date of purchase.