Imbolc Blessings

We have reached the Celtic celebration of Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere.  This is a celebration of the returning of light, hope and of new beginnings.  The very early signs of spring are starting to emerge from the long winter or rest.  The days are starting to get longer, the snowdrops are out, the animals have started to moult and the sheep will start birthing their lambs in the next few weeks.

This is time of inner reflection, of considering what seeds we wish to plant in our lives this year.  This is still a time of resting though as spring hasn’t quite arrived, even though it is around the corner.

So spend some time reflecting upon what you wish to create, experience or manifest this year and start giving these thoughts some energy or visualisation each day.

There may be some positive changes you wish to make, but change can also be challenging.  My motto is start small and just make one change each day – this might be as simple as have something different for breakfast, or leave 5 minutes earlier to get to work, or watch one hour less TV or social media.

Set yourself up to succeed.  Don’t give yourself expectations that you won’t achieve and don’t leave temptations in your path.  For example, if you want to give up sugar or lose some weight, then make good decisions when you’re out shopping and don’t buy that packet of biscuits or crisps, so that when you’re feeling “snacky” in the evenings, they aren’t available.  You might then be more inclined to have a piece of fruit instead.

If you do slip, then don’t use this as a reason to judge and berate yourself, just start again tomorrow.  The power of change is in the present, not feeling frustrated with what you have done previously.

You may also not be quite ready to start actioning your changes yet.  So be kind to yourself.  Just take your time to consider what you wish to transform and wait a little longer, until your spring energy and motivation kicks in and then seize the moment.

Spring Vision Board Workshop
Saturday 25th February
10am – 1pm

Early February is the perfect time of year to focus your intentions and make plans for what you wish to create and manifest in the next year in readiness for the more motivating energy that arrives in March. I am delighted to be hosting a Vision Board Workshop to enable you to get clarification and set your intentions for this.

The Celtic celebration of Imbolc occurs in the first few days of February. Imbolc marks the ending of winter and the first signs of spring emerging. It is a celebration of the impending birth of new life. This is a powerful time of year to plant the seeds of what you wish to create this year and in the years to come. Early signs of spring are showing, the bulbs are just starting to emerge from the earth. This is the perfect time to create a Vision Board and create some incredible changes and manifestations for your year ahead.

Vision boards are potentially incredibly powerful creations where you dare to imagine a life you wish to live. There may be new situations you wish to see in your life, better health, different work, more of a sense of life purpose or more positive habits, thoughts and actions. You will be applying a collage of visual images, pictures, affirmations and words onto a large piece of paper to help with imagining and visualising your dreams into reality. When you get really clear about what you want to manifest and the postive changes you wish to create in your life, you can then open yourself up to receive inspired action steps, “lightbulb” moments, motivation and passion to help these things, experiences and situations you desire to come about.

We will be powering up your vision board with some short and fun exercises to enhance the imagination and visualisation to help you set some dynamic intentions into your next solar year.

The workshop will be held in a beautiful wooden cabin, heated with a wood-burning stove, overlooking rolling Sussex countryside. Venue: Albourne, West Sussex. 15 minutes from Brighton with ample free parking. Follow this link for more information and to book.