Anxiety-busting techniques

If you are someone who suffers from or experiences anxiety from time to time, or a lot of the time, these current times that we are living through can be extra challenging because the fear level on the planet seems to have raised exponentially.

Things have changed and are still in flux and adjusting to these new changes can be challenging, stressful and anxiety triggering.

Do try out some of my “anxiety-busting” tips below:

  • Walking barefoot on the earth.  This is the perfect time of year to start practicing this.  Walk slowly and feel your connection to the ground.  Feel the sensations through your feet as you move from heel to toes.  This can help bring your energy that is focused in your head, with your overthinking, down into your body and help you feel more grounded and in the moment.


  • Stand near a body of running water, ideally on a bridge over a stream facing downstream and imagining all your worries, fears and frustrations being diluted by the water and being washed out of your energy field.  Letting them all go so you no longer need to be burdened by them.  Release them and replace your thoughts with “All is well, all is well.”


  • Lie on the ground, feel the weight of your body sink more into the earth with each out breath.  Feel the support of the ground beneath you.  Gaze up at the sky and wonder at the vastness.  Allow your troubling thoughts to float up like clouds and get dispersed by this immense infinite sky above you.  Release your challenging thoughts and replace them with a sense of the vibrancy of the sun’s rays.



When you have released your difficult thoughts and fears, fill this space that has been created by thoughts of gratitude.  Look around and be grateful for the simple things in your life – the roof over your head, the food on your plate, the clean air for you to breathe.  I know this may sound a bit cheesy but as I write this today, we are having our first bit of rain in about 6 weeks.  I now live in the countryside and realise how incredibly dependent we are on the things we take for granted – the life giving water, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the warmth of our houses, clothes and the sunshine.  We complicate our lives so much and like to imagine we are above nature, but that is simply not true.  We are totally dependent on the earth and the sun providing these basics for us – every single day.  So giving thanks for these might sound like a new age cliché but when you don’t have them, you notice how thankful you are when they do arrive.