Can you feel it? Change is in the air

Can you feel it?…Change is in the air! Well I don’t know about you but I have found this January to be the longest month ever! But can you feel that change is coming?  The days are gradually getting longer.  When we have sunshine, the sun is getting stronger.  Have you heard the new excitable … Read more

Lose weight simply

Lose weight simply – with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine The most efficient and quickest way to lose weight through diet alone is to be kind to your digestive system.  The more easily your food is digested, the less energy is required to process your food and the more easily the nutrients are absorbed from … Read more

Quick activities to raise & maintain your energy field

– Use sage to ‘smudge’ yourself and your environment. Buy yourself a sage smudge stick (there are plenty available online) and read or watch directions for how to use it on YouTube. You can use it to cleanse your rooms, especially your bedroom and your workspace. You can also cleanse your aura by wafting it … Read more

Create a mood boosters list

Create a ‘mood boosters’ list   Create yourself a ‘mood boosters’ list. This is a list of things that will help to make you feel happier and more energised. It would be great to have a variety of things that you could do at different times.   When you feel your energy dip, physically, mentally … Read more

Stop doing things that make you feel miserable

Stop doing things that make you feel miserable   Don’t indulge in watching negative television programs, negative self-talk, excessive negative news-watching, complaining or negative conversations with others. Avoid binging on food, alcohol, television, social media, suppressive or mind-numbing technology, mood-numbing drugs etc. Stop procrastinating on taking daily action in the direction of manifesting your dreams … Read more