Working with Divine Inspiration. Dare to be different.

Look out for divine signs, inspired ideas and synchronicities – follow these to your dream life!

Following on from previous blogs, you’ve worked through the previous suggestions, you have got your vision board, you have done some visualisation of your dreams, maybe started working with a friend/support group.  You’ve got some clarity, handed it over to the universe, working with some affirmations.  The more you do this work, the more energy you give to this, the closer your dream becomes.

But your dream life is going to come to you through certain channels.  For example, it might be that if you are looking for a dream house, you can’t just sit and visualise, you still need to act.  You need to contact the agents and tell them what you want.  Go and visit some places.  If you want a new amazing job, get as clear as you can about all the qualities and then start asking around, looking in the job adverts, applying, going for interviews etc

So when you are handing your vision over to the universe, and you’re working with your affirmations, and your 30 day diet of breaking the habit of negative thinking, you’re really starting to introduce positive thoughts into your life that will take you in the direction of your dreams; you do then need to start looking out for Divine Signs/Symbols.  

It might be conversations you overhear, books that are recommended, a conversation you have with a friend, something you read on a billboard, or the side of a lorry.  A lorry drove past me yesterday with the only words along the side “Follow your Dreams”!!!  What are the chance of that!

How are you feeling, what’s your intuition, what are your hunches?  Follow your heart.  What is your heart saying to you, follow your feelings, follow your passion.  This is how we “hear” our inner voice, through our feelings.

Through meditation, we can quieten our mind, or through gentle and/or repetitive exercise – yoga/walking/swimming/running.  Sometimes a flash of inspiration can come to you.  Don’t sit and try and think out how or what to do with your logical brain.  You need to sit quietly, quieten the mind and feel.

Sometimes you get a sudden bolt of an idea.  But more often, it’s a quiet whisper.  Call a friend, or watch this program, or read this article, or go to this place.  Follow these whisperings.  The more you listen to and follow your intuition, the louder it becomes.  It is a practice and all new practices need discplined practise.  Dare to be different.  Follow your dreams.  Be brave.  Where is your passion.  Follow your heart.  What motivates you.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Have confidence in your intuition.  Your soul calls to you through your dreams/your passions.  

Notice the signs and the symbols that are coming from the universe.

Expect change in your life.  If you are asking for change, expect things to start changing.  Change can feel really scary.  There’s a leap into the unknown.  Have faith.  Sometimes things seem to be dropping away from you and you didn’t expect that to happen.  Expect the unexpected.  Be courageous.  Some people leave your life, some people start to come into your life.  You might not be getting on well with people that you have known for years.  Maybe their energy no longer resonates with yours.  But you will also be attracting new people into your life, that resonate more closely to where you are now at.
Maybe you want a new job. Maybe you lose your job – which can feel very traumatic and worrying.  Trust the process.  You have to let go of certain things to create space for new things to come to you.
Ask the universe for what you want, then start to believe that you can have this, then you have to receive it.  ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE.  This means that you need to change and to expect changes.

Question yourself.  Challenge your current beliefs.  Is this particular belief still working for you?  Does it make sense that you are still clinging on to a particular belief?  Do you need to start choosing to believe different things, that life can be different?

Work with meditation and mindfulness.  Do you want to carry on choosing to believe the range of thoughts that travel across your mind?  Or can you observe and detach.  Then choose to believe more life-enhancing thoughts.

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