Why doesn’t the law of attraction work? It does……

Why doesn’t the law of attraction work?  It does, all the time.  

Why doesn’t it seem to work for you?  Belief/faith/  

We are told the law of attraction works by Asking; Believing; Receiving.

So if you are lucky enough to get really clear about what you are asking for, (before the voice in your head comes in and tells you that’s impossible etc) the reason why it doesn’t appear to come about is frequently because your beliefs about why you cant have it/create it in your life (ie I’m not rich enough; I’m not lucky enough; I’m not worthy/deserving enough; I didn’t work hard enough at school; I live in the wrong part of the planet; I was born to the wrong family) come in stronger than your belief that you can have/create/manifest your desires.
I sometimes find working with affirmations helps.  I like using:
I choose to believe ……………….
This implies that I can choose to change what I believe in, and question my past conditioning and look at my current circumstances with a different perspective. It reminds me that the thoughts I am choosing to think today (that are currently creating my tomorrows) are my choice.  Therefore I have the power to choose to change my beliefs. 
“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”