What makes you feel good? Do it – and change the world at the same time!

Oh its so easy to complain and moan about life – the weather, how expensive everything is, how unwell we feel, how cold/hot we are, how old/wrinkled/fat/thin/unfit we are.  How many tragedies there are in the world and how we cant do anything about it, how corrupt our politicians are.    Some of us just seem to be innately pessimistic and negative.

It is great to know that we can change.  We can start changing today, right now.  We can look around us and notice something we are grateful for.  We can observe something good in our lives, in the world around us, in our partner, our boss, our challenging child, our bodies.  The minute we start shifting our focus, our energy starts shifting.  This then has a knock on effect on everyone we come into contact with.  If we all did this, every day, within such a short time, the world would be a much easier place to live in.

We need to focus using our energy on feeling good.  I have already discussed the major benefits of gratitude.  But this blog is discussing what we can do if we are stuck in a negative mindset.  How do we shift our energy focus right now, today.  What makes you feel good?  What thing/person/statement/object could make you feel better right now today?  I highly recommend making a list of things that you know make you feel better.  I call these “mood shifters”

Mood shifters.  As we are starting to work with more positive thoughts that are taking us in the direction of our dreams, maybe using some affirmations, we want to be feeling good.  Normally the reason why most people want change in their life , is they want to feel good.  You want to enjoy your life.  Enjoy what you’re doing all day.
You cant be feeling good and thinking negative thoughts and you cant be feeling bad and thinking positive thoughts.
Your feelings are a good indicator, a good feedback system for where your mental activity is focussed right now.  If you aren’t feeling good, you are thinking negatively.  Stop.  Observe what you are thinking.  Try and detach.   If this isn’t possible then you need to start working with some “mood shifters”.
Write down a list of things that you know that make you feel better (as long as nothing is done at the expense of others or might cause others suffering).  It might be music – uplifting or motivational music (RESPECT by Aretha Franklin is currently going around in my head!!); it might be having a hot bath; it might be walking in nature; it might be talking to a friend/family member;
If you aren’t feeling good, then do something from your mood shifters list.
If you then notice that you don’t want to do one of these things that you know will make you feel better – notice that!  Observe.  That’s very interesting.  Why wouldn’t we want to do something that you know will make you feel better.  Why are you self-sabotaging?  It is normally because the ego is resistant to change and wants us to stay as we are.  Stay with our old habits of negative thinking.  Even though its not great for us, its familiar and the ego likes familiarity.
Dont allow your ego to sabotage the new you.  If you want to see change in your life, start doing things differently, start attending to your needs, start honouring your desire to feel good.
Eat well, exercise your body.  These things make you feel good.
Write your mood shifters list now.

Some suggestions:
Hot bath
Walk in nature – woodland/beach
Music – uplifting anthems
Make a photo album that reminds you of happy memories
Going out with a friend
Having a good meal with a friend
Going to a comedy night
Watching a comedy film
Chatting with a friend
Walking barefoot on the grass
Reading uplifting books
Going on holiday somewhere hot
Walking the dog
Burning candles/sage/incense
Having a log fire

Remember, its not indulgent to change something/to shift your mood/to want to feel good.  Its vitally important.   The more people that start doing this today, the ripple effect goes out far and wide.  As individuals we can make a difference.  Do something different today – feel good!

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