Using gratitude to promote change

If you want to start feeling happier, passionate, motivated and fulfilled; to learn how to create positive changes and manifest the things you desire in your life; then the trick is to start focusing on what you feel grateful for right now.

Start feeling grateful for the ample food you have to eat, your warm and protective house which shelters you from the elements, your comfortable bed, the safety of your living situation, the clothes that keep you warm, hot running water all these basic human needs that you have that most of the human beings that we share this planet with do not have as a guarantee on a daily basis.  We are so very blessed but frequently we take all of this for granted.

Human beings have what’s known as a negativity bias.  Evolutionarily, we are designed to look out for the negatives, for danger, for things that might attack us or risk our safety and security.  The majority of us still have a natural susceptibility to focus on what is wrong – in our lives, our bodies, our society, our country and the world.

When challenging things happen in our lives – we have different ways to respond, we have choices.  Often these don’t feel like choices as we frequently react unconsciously, we get “triggered” – we can react with a victim mentality, with defensiveness and anger, with sadness and resignation. But what we focus on expands and this leads to how we perceive our lives.  If you focus on what is wrong most of the time, this will be your primary focus.  Thoughts are creative and resonate at a particular frequency – so you will unconsciously attract and notice more in your life to feel unhappy and complain about.

Gratitude has a snowball effect.  If you start practising gratitude first thing in the morning, you will notice more and more things around you and about your life to feel thankful for.  Release any thoughts of what you lack and focus on all that you have.  Look around you right now.  Are you warm?  Are you fed?  Have you got enough food for the week?  Have you got friends and family around you or at the end of the phone?  Do you have a job – even if it is one you don’t love, does it help you pay your bills?  Focus on the positive in all your life situations.

The more you focus on all that you do have, your energy and life will start to feel more abundant.  As what you focus on expands, the more abundant thoughts and feelings you put out into the universe, the more good things and abundance will come your way.  You will probably also notice that the things that you thought you needed and wanted to manifest in your life to help you feel happier, actually become less relevant as your happiness levels increase.

It is still OK to look for change in your life and be looking to improve your life situation.  However, it will be easier to transform your current life situation if you are feeling abundantly blessed in your current situation.

To transform your life situations – be really clear about what positive changes you want to see; feel very grateful for what you currently have; release any negative beliefs about not deserving what you really want and then let go and allow the new to come into your life

“Be grateful for what you have while waiting for what you want” Helen Keller