The Transformative Power of Gratitude!

When you are starting the journey of creating positive life changes, one of the most important transformative techniques is gratitude.
I can’t over emphasise the importance of feeling thankful and blessed!  It has been the single most important life-changing activity I have ever undertaken!!!

This practice is about looking around you and noticing everything that you currently have in your life that you feel grateful for.  Gratitude is a powerful and effective way of changing your energy field; by the types of thoughts and intentions you are giving out to the universe.  It can powerfully change your attitude and perceptions about your life.  And it can significantly shift the experiences that are coming back to you and your energy field.


There is always something in your current life that you can feel grateful for.  It is very easy when starting with this work, to be giving so much attention and focus to what you do want in your dream life, and the positive feelings that you are visualising you will have once this thing has manifested, that it can feel quite easy to look around you at the current life you have and feel like you don’t have enough, like you aren’t happy and can’t be happy until things have changed etc

But you start drawing what you want to you, when you feel thankful and abundant right now, today, with your present life situation.  This is crucial!  If you are currently looking around and feeling upset/hopeless and lacking with your current life – you are attracting more of that energy to you.

“Be grateful for what you have, while waiting for what you want” – Helen Keller.

Gratitude is an especially transformative practice for those of us and for those times that we seem to be focusing on our cup being half empty, not half full and feeling pessimistic and negative – when we end up complaining and moaning about life every day.

Start practising gratitude today – as often as you can, and start to see positive changes occuring around you in your current life situation.

Do What you Love and

Transform your Life!”

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