The law of Attraction

I have been studying the law of attraction for many years. 
I find reading about it fascinating and invigorating.  The potential for change within this work is huge.  The law of attraction basically states that where we put our thoughts, attention and intention is what manifests into our lives.  Thoughts plus the beliefs we have behind them are creative.
Imagine if the majority of people on the planet focussed on being loving and forgiving, kind and compassionate.  Imagine if the news that was presented to us was of amazing projects that are happening on the planet, incredible circumstances that have happened in peoples lives and how incredibly lucky the majority of us are to have enough food to eat, shelter to keep us warm etc.  This would be very uplifting for our hearts and spirits.  Instead of focussing on primarily negative, sensationalist news stories that we currently have.

What is the process by which we manifest things and circumstances into our lives?  Quantum physics has shown us that thoughts projected into the universal energy field create things/form.  The thoughts you think about regularly and passionately show up in your life, however consciously or unconsciously you are thinking about them.
To manifest consciously, you must get really clear about what you want to attract into your life, you then need to follow this up with total faith and conviction.
Eventually this thoughts will manifest as a physical reality in your world.  It may not manifest in the way or form or in the time you expect and want, but it will manifest.

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  1. Wow, fantastic piece of writing!!! Although the definition of Law of Attraction, may appear to simplify the procedure, it involves a really honest personal development intend to form a very obvious understand of where you're really now and a similarly clear vision of in places you want to go. After that, it takes a lot of will power and personal-discipline to push yourself forward to your objective. Thanks for the article!!!

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