Summer Solstice Greetings!

We have just passed the beauty of the summer solstice.  At this time of year, the earth pauses, and if you are familiar with meditation or mindfulness, you may notice this pause is similar to the one at the top of your in breath, before you exhale.  The winter solstice reflects the pause at the end of your exhale before your next in breath appears.

The solstice is a great time of year to pause and reflect on what has recently passed and what is yet to come.  It has been an incredibly tumultuous year so far, and this may be a good point to reflect on some of the positive lessons you have learned and what you feel grateful for at the moment.  We are still in the height of the active summer energy of passion, motivation and enthusiasm.  Are you able to put these strong emotions towards what feels good for you and in the direction you would like your life to be heading?

As the restrictions we have had this year are being increasingly eased, make sure you are directing your energy, focus and intention towards what you want to be creating in your immediate and more distant future.  I am delighted to be offering 1-2-1 online mentoring to support you in this.  Or you may glean some helpful support from my book “YES YOU CAN create a life you love” available for purchase in paperback and on kindle from Amazon.

If you are interested in exploring meditation – do sign up to my YouTube channel where there are lots of gentle guided meditations.  Or do come along to one of my half hour Zoom meditation sessions – Monday and Friday mornings at 8am or Tuesday evening at 8pm BST.