Spring is coming! Spring is coming!

It’s time to start preparing for the year ahead.  It’s time to let go of the old, to allow in the new.

We are now moving into the best time of the year for decluttering – physically, mentally and emotionally; and for setting our intentions for what we wish to create and see in our lives this year.  As we still have the month of February to go however, do only do this when you feel motivated.  Maybe you aren’t there yet, be kind to yourself, rest more if you need to.  Your spring energy will come in time.

During this month, you will get surges of physical energy or motivation – this is when to get started on decluttering – maybe plan on doing a room at a time. This can feel so therapeutic.  Go slowly initially, February is still quite a low energy month.  March is when the full energy and motivation of spring really comes into its own.

This is a great time to plan for what changes you wish to make.  Plan for what rooms you need to clear, what changes you wish to make – maybe with your health, your relationships, your work, your home.

Declutter your house, clear out your cupboards, clean your windows, clear away the cobwebs, sort through your wardrobe and discard the clothes you no longer like, or will wear anymore.  Detox your body, with plenty of water and fresh vegetables and easy to digest food.  (I don’t recommend harsh fruit/vegetable and raw food detoxes).  Be kind to yourself.

Detox your body.  Buy a loofah or exfoliator and start skin scrubbing to remove dead skin and invigorate your body.

I know a lot of people have found this last year pretty challenging emotionally for one reason or another.  Make sure that you clear out any leftover trauma, either with a professional therapist, having a therapeutic moan to a good friend, or writing down anything that you feel you are hanging on to and burn it ceremonially.

Smudge your house by burning sage and cleansing the energy in your rooms.  On dry sunny days, open all your windows and doors to let in fresh air and energy.

Look around and see if you need to redecorate and start on this.

Get your body moving with exercise you enjoy.  Cut back on alcohol, sugar and caffeine and make sure you are drinking 2 litres of water per day.

Refocus and set your intentions.  Do a vision board for your life as a whole, or take each aspect of your life and do an individual vision board for each one.

Tell the Universe what you want and tell it what you wish to let go of.  Do this once a week until it starts to make a difference.  State what you do want, not what you don’t want.

More help on creating positive and lasting changes can be found in my book: YES YOU CAN create a life you love.  For sale on Amazon and via my website: www.elainegibbons.co.uk