Save your New Year plans for later

Whoever chose the date of 1st January to be the New Year, was obviously not living in tune with the seasons and nature!

If you look around you in nature there is nothing “new yearish” going on. There is no high energy or surges of motivation, the earth is resting, nature is quiet, the trees and plants are conserving their energy.

January is a time of resting, nourishing yourself, having afternoon naps, having duvet weekends and eating nourishing soups, stews and roasts, not smoothies/salads and detox diets!

If you want to celebrate a new year, the winter solstice is a good time to honour the start of a new solar cycle, whilst acknowledging that the majority of the winter is still to come. However, the very early signs of spring come around the start of February and increase as we move closer to the spring equinox in March, when the power of regeneration, growth, passion and motivation is surging to the surface.

So save your new year plans for a few more weeks. Tune into your energy levels and what your body needs. Rest, nourish, and quietly ponder your plans for this year, but save your detoxes, your big changes and your new exciting experiences for a little longer.