Red Tent Moon Lodge

The Red Tent Moon Lodge is a facilitated women’s group and sacred circle.

Traditionally this was a time to gather around the New Moon. It was considered to be a time for women to come together to support each other, to feel nourished, connected and replenished.  To sit quietly and meditate in a group of women,  can be a life-enhancing experience.

This is a good time to set your intentions for the upcoming month ahead for any projects or ideas you might have.  This is a sacred circle for women to sit together, to feel connected and supported. This circle is a non-judgemental and completely confidential space.  This group is not a therapeutic or counselling group.  It is primarily a place for women to come together in meditation, to sit and connect through quiet contemplation.  There will be some space available to share your own experience if that feels right for you.

Elaine Gibbons has been facilitating a Red Tent Moon Lodge for 3 years.  She has been supporting women for over 27 years in her role as an acupuncturist specialising in pregnancy, fertility, menopause, gynaecology and attending women in childbirth.  She has also completed a Red Tent facilitator training to enhance and focus her skills.

This is a small supportive and friendly group.  Maximum 10 spaces.

Please check out the events details for information about the next Red Tent gathering.  Please sign up to my newsletter for up to date information regarding new Red Tent groups.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or book your place via the events page.  Contact me by email on Or call/text on 07905 743268.


Beltaine Celebration for Women on Zoom

Thursday 30th April

Time: from 7.30pm

We will gather to celebrate the celtic festival of Beltaine, which represents the start of the summer quarter of the year and the end of the spring quarter.  It is a joyful festival representing fertility and abundance.  Traditionally fires were built at the Beltaine celebration, this was jumped through to encourage purification, fertility, prosperity and protection.  This is the time that Maypoles were danced around to signify fertility and good fortune. 

This is a time of year to focus your energy on growth and integration.  To celebrate, feel gratitude for all the abundant blessings you have, to feel hope and optimism and to relish the overflowing abundance of nature all around and within you.

Please book via the events page or email Elaine on: or contact her on 07905 743268.  Payments can be made by paypal or bank transfer in advance.

Pre-booking essential.  Spaces limited.