Do you need to turn off your tv and put your phone down? Start living your life!

What makes you want to jump out of bed every morning?  What could you do every day, that would make you feel excited to be alive?  What motivates you?  If you are wanting to create positive changes in your life, what you are doing on a daily basis – is really important.  What could you be doing with your time rather than watching tv or getting lost in social media scrolling?

Create a life for yourself that you don’t need a holiday from!  90% of success is showing up!

Each day you are showing the universe where your main focus and energies lie.  If you daydream about a new life, but don’t do anything about it, and make no changes – you are telling the Universe that it is only really a fantasy and you don’t really believe anything is going to change.

But the more you prioritise making small daily changes and taking daily action – the more the Universe will respond by bringing to you the changes that you are asking for.

Stop wasting your time.  Stop spending hours in front of the tv, watching programs you’re not really that bothered about.  Stop getting lost in social media, stop fantasising and start believing and confirming this belief by taking daily steps in the direction of the changes you wish to see in your life.

If you have a long commute to work each day – you could start listening to audio books/blogs/webinars that you are inspired by.   If you are standing in a queue, stuck in a traffic jam, sitting in a waiting room, use your time to focus on your dreams and aspirations.  Get inspired, motivated and focused.

Its important to relax and have downtime but don’t procrastinate.  If you have put aside a certain amount of time to do some work towards your dream life scenario – then do it – don’t allow yourself to get distracted; or pulled away by other people’s needs – keep your boundaries.  Prioritise what is important to you.

“Action expresses priorities” Mahatma Gandhi

“Do What you Love and Transform your Life”

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