How to make positive life changes!

When you are starting to create positive life changes, one of the best techniques is to start turning within; connecting with your intuition; connecting with your divine spiritual self/your higher self/your inner self on a regular basis.

Why? – because it is through connecting in with your Higher Self – that you can then work with and move on from just having the ideas about what you want to manifest, by taking inspired action.

The first step to manifesting and creating positive and empowering changes in your life is gaining clarity about what changes you want to make.  Once you have gained clarity about exactly what you want to manifest, the next step to manifesting and creating positive changes in your life – is to take some action in the direction of this dream life scenario.  I highly recommend that you do this in a different way from what you might think, and definitely in a different way from how we are normally taught (which is mainly to logically think, plan and set goals and then work hard towards these goals).  I recommend you to only take “divinely inspired” actions by starting to learn how to connect with and listen to the guidance from your Higher Self.

Try sitting quietly in meditation and connect to your heart centre (in the centre of your chest);  hold the vision of what positive changes you wish to create,  and then silently ask your inner self, what guidance can be given towards any inspired action to be taken.  And then follow this guidance, take small daily inspired steps daily, in the direction of your dream life.  Trust your inner guidance and take action each day.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”  Martin Luther King

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