Do what you love and manifest your dream life!

Do What you Love!  Follow your Heart!  Follow your bliss!  Follow your joy!

Tune into your heart, your inner guidance system – and follow your passions/do what you love – all the way to manifesting your dream life!!  That is the number one shortcut for manifesting your dream life!

“Doing what you love, is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life”  Wayne Dyer

By doing what we love, it raises our energy vibration, helps our creativity flow, we feel positive, alive, motivated and empowered.  Our energy is magnetic – so when we vibrate from a place of being alive and motivated and energised – we are attracting more of that energy toward us.  It is magnetically drawn to us.

So it is important to tune in and follow your heart, follow your dreams, follow your bliss, follow your joy.  Do what you Love.

Suspend your disbelief, work out what you want from life, trust that you can have it, release your negativity, release your ego telling you you can’t have it, don’t try and work out with your logical brain how and when it is going to manifest but tune in to your Higher Self frequently and regularly and receive inner guidance about your next daily action – this will be something that you feel excited about doing, something you love to do and that makes you feel energised, excited and wanting to jump out of bed in the morning to do it!