Living for today

As those of you who know me know, that I have a horse that I love and care for deeply.  My children joke that I love him more than them!!  He has been unwell this week with a currently unknown diagnosis, and I have been feeling sad and anxious in various degrees.  However, this has been a good lesson in reminding me of the impermanence of life; of the importance of enjoying and relishing every moment you have with those you love; of the importance of staying in the moment, living full in the now.  The future isn’t guaranteed and the only certain thing in life is change.  I know I harp on about gratitude almost every week, but this is truly so essential to living a life of enjoyment, satisfaction and with meaning that almost everything challenging in my life, reminds me of it’s importance.

Starting the day with gratitude, stopping at various points throughout the day and focusing on the things you feel thankful for and finishing the day by counting your blessings.  These are my top tips for living a life fully and well.

I have just uploaded my latest meditation entitled Gratitude to my Youtube channel.  Please find it here.