Life is not perfect. It’s not meant to be…

Someone said to me last week – I envy you.

Why envy me or anyone…..?  We are all creative individuals.  We can all create a life that we want.  A lot of people don’t even ask themselves the question – what do I want?  What do you really want?  For the majority of people, the answer is often “money”.  They think that money will make them happy.

There is obviously a certain amount of money that is necessary to live comfortably in the country you live in.  Human beings need food, shelter, clothing, clean water, sanitation facilities.  These are basic human rights.  However, the earth does provide enough for everyone to live – it is just the huge inequality of wealth and distribution that is the issue.  

It’s also very stressful to live from day to day or week to week not knowing if you can pay your next heating bill or buy food etc.

However, the majority of people in the UK don’t live like that.  We have a huge band of middle income and high income people for whom this isn’t an issue.

However, there is still often this chasing for more money and material objects, thinking that this will make us happier.  A bigger house, a newer car, no mortgage, a boat, more shoes/handbags.

I watched a program last night about the super rich and what they buy/want for christmas etc. The main thing I observed was the level of competition – the largest house, the most expensive christmas crackers, the hand-made baubles for the christmas tree.  It is all still coming from a place of the more and the bigger, the better it will make them feel, more important.  However, I know that these people are all still human beings and whatever the wealth level is, we all want the same things – peace of mind, a sense of security, contentment, happiness, feeling good about ourselves, feeling worthy, a sense of life purpose. None of these feelings come through material objects.

Whilst watching, I really got this sense that some people really think they are more important than other human beings.  And having money is one of the success indicators.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if those with huge financial wealth, didn’t feel the need to buy more and bigger to feel important and better about themselves?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if this huge financial wealth was used to help the more needy in society?

Whenever I ask myself – what do I want – the answers are peace of mind, a sense of security, contentment, happiness, feeling good about ourselves, feeling worthy, a sense of life purpose.  The simple things.  We distract ourselves with material objects, we might get a short-lived buzz with retail therapy, but actually the things we really want are often free.  However, they are a state of mind, that needs to be pursued.  We need to take responsibility for ourselves.  We need to get in touch with our creativity, passion, enthusiasm for life.  We need to heal our wounds.  We need to work with nature, and our physical bodies.  We need to prioritise our needs.

So don’t envy others.  Especially my friend, don’t envy me.  I have chosen a difficult road, the road less travelled.  I am trusting that I will always be creative and always find a solution to any difficulty in front of me.  I am choosing to find my sense of security not from material objects and acquiring wealth and pension plans.  I am embracing the adventure that is life, not always easy but a road that I have to travel for myself.  I appear to have no option – my greatest happiness comes from attending to my peace of mind, my sense of life purpose, my compassion to others.