What do I need right now?

This is the perfect time of year to keep returning to this question: What do I need right now? Don’t listen to the outside influences that tell you to detox, get motivated, lose weight, power yourself up, and make new and exciting plans, unless that is what you are feeling you really want to do … Read more

Winter Solstice Celebration

Come along and celebrate the Winter Solstice in a beautiful wooden cabin. This will be an evening of celebration, thanksgiving and meditation. Come and share sacred time with other women, reflect on the year you have travelled, and start connecting with your dreams for 2023. This is a wonderful time to bring your awareness to … Read more

Promoting inner peace

We all want to be happy.  We all want to have a life free from suffering.  In Buddhist literature, we are reminded that the way to true happiness is through developing a sense of inner peace. Lots of things may give us moments of happiness, a lovely holiday, a beautiful sunset, the thrill of new … Read more

Autumn Self-care

As we are gradually moving into the quieter energy time of autumn and winter, it is important to reflect upon what self-care might be needed.  Learning to balance your outward giving, doing and socialising with your inner care, attention and nourishment is vital to keep yourself full of energy and thriving through the next few … Read more

Do you want to feel happier?

What else could be added to this moment right now that could give you more happiness than you currently feel?  Are you a good temperature, not too hot or too cold?  Do you have enough food to eat today?  Do you have shelter to protect you from the weather?  Are you safe and comfortable in … Read more

Opening to abundance…

At times like these when we are being told to be fearful of our finances, rising costs and our future financial security, instead of contracting your energy inwards and becoming restricted energetically, can you instead choose to open to more abundance in your life?  Can you say yes to life? What you focus on expands.  If … Read more

The winds of change are coming…

I awoke early this morning and as I have a lot of animals to care for, I went outside to start the breakfast routine.  I was acutely aware of a change in the air, a coolness and dampness, a sense of the change that is slowly appearing to signify the transition from late summer to … Read more

Are you needing some wisdom, inspiration or comforting words?

If you ever feel like you’re in need of some words of wisdom, some comforting words, or you’re feeling stuck and need some inspiration, then you could try using Oracle Cards.  These have become increasingly popular over the last decade and they are an expanded version of the “Angel cards” which were popular in the 80s … Read more

Are you super busy right now?

When you’re super busy, can you still look after yourself? Cut down on doing the things that don’t support your self-care, not the other way round. You may want to let go of reading the news or going on social media and make sure you have time to eat 3 healthy meals to keep your … Read more

Have a good old moan!

There are lots of blogs and articles about the importance of feeling and being positive and upbeat to boost your mental health and well-being.  But is this really a good thing? It can be great, but not if it means being in denial of any negative feelings that you are experiencing. It is incredibly important … Read more