When life gives you lemons…

Has everything in your life been turned upside down?   Have you noticed yourself questioning things about your life? You could use this time to work out if there are any changes you need to make in your life.  What in your life is nourishing, supportive, life-affirming and motivating. Question your friendships – which ones do … Read more

How can you best look after yourself right now?

Well – what a week! It seems like we are starting afresh each day.  Each new day seems to be bringing its new challenges and blessings.  During this time, you could keep asking yourself: How can I best look after myself right now? Suggestions include: To pause for a few minutes and focus on your breath.  … Read more

Become a peace warrior

I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on the huge waves of change, uncertainty and fear that are sweeping across the planet.  I have been noticing how emotions and thoughts have been passing through my mind and body too.  This pandemic is tapping into our deep primal fears: Are we going to survive?  Will I … Read more

Live outside your comfort zone

Do you wake up each morning, feeling excited and looking forward to the day ahead, or begrudging and desperate for the weekend to arrive?  Do you regularly feel gratitude for all you have and the life you are living or do you complain about what’s wrong? Do you live your life well inside your comfort zone … Read more

Keep calm and carry on…

As a peace warrior for the world, are you wondering what can you do in the face of the fear of the coronavirus? you can breathe…you can stop at regular intervals throughout the day and take 3 mindful breaths – pause where you are, close your eyes and take 3 breaths with attention on where … Read more

Imbolc Festival

Celebrating the Celtic festival of Imbolc.  This is also known as candlemas and the festival of Brigid.  The original word Imbolg translates as pregnant, as the earth is just about to burst forth with new life in the run up to the spring equinox in March.  We start to see early signs of spring stirring all … Read more

Celebrating the winter solstice

We are in the few days approaching the winter solstice at the moment.  The winter solstice is the point in the year when the sun rises in the northern hemisphere for the shortest amount of hours in the day.  From about the 22nd December onwards, the amount of daylight hours will then increase until we … Read more

Overcoming a low mood

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t write a post last week. Well last week, I was overwhelmed with a sense of low mood and lack of motivation.  I had no inspiration for anything I may wish to write about, and I was totally unmotivated to even get into that space or turn … Read more

Live as if you are dying

What would you do today if you had just been told that you only had a few weeks left to live? Unfortunately, this is the prognosis of a dear friend of mine of over 25 years.  What would you do? Would you reflect upon your good memories and ignore the bad ones? Would you give … Read more

Fall in love…..with yourself

How often do you remember to praise yourself?  Do you frequently acknowledge all the good you do each day? Or are you more prone to berate and criticise yourself? We can set ourselves crazy unachievable lists of attributes that we should have, or activities that we should do before we can feel good about ourselves.  … Read more