Life-enhancing Techniques

Life-enhancing techniques

I wanted to share with you a couple of techniques I use most days to enhance the quality of my daily life and my overall emotional health and well-being.

There are two key times of day for doing this, first thing in the morning, and the last few minutes before you fall asleep at night.

We are energetic and creative beings, and our energy that we emanate each day creates our life experiences ahead of us.  First thing in the morning, as soon as you awake is a great time to focus your energy into a positive and receptive state.  The predominant way to do this is with gratitude.  As soon as you open your eyes, by spending the first 3-5 waking minutes focusing your attention and energy on the things in your life you feel grateful for, will set up your energy for the day, to draw and magnetise to you, more things for you to feel grateful for.  This technique is enjoyable and potentially life-changing, try it for yourself.  This is an especially important technique if you frequently wake up to your alarm and immediately start with: ‘Oh no!’ or ‘I’m so tired’ or ‘Oh god, I’ve got to get up!’ or ‘I have to go to work and I don’t like my job/boss/commute!’  or ‘I have no energy, I need more sleep’  or a variation on any of these themes.

Then last thing at night, as you are starting to feel sleepy and drifting off, your conscious mind starts quietening down and your subconscious mind kicks in.  This is an ideal time to focus gently and sleepily on anything you may wish to have more of in your life: happiness, inner peace, contentment, financial abundance, feelings of love, support.  At this time, if you affirm that you already have these things in your life, you activate your subconscious mind to set up the circumstances and experiences you need, to create these feelings and things into your physical, waking life. Activate your imagination  and visualise yourself currently having these things already in your life.

Top tip – spend some time focusing on what you would like to create more of in your daily life, and create some affirmations around this, then read them before you start falling asleep.  Or better still, record some on your smartphone/ipad (there are lots of free recording apps) and listen to them as you are drifting off.

You may wish to listen to this free 20 minute Positive Affirmation Recording I have uploaded by following this link.