Lets send our governments blessings of love, peace and compassion!

Universal energies reflect back to us what we focus most of our energy on. Lets focus on having a government that acts with compassion and peace. A government that pledges to put the needs of our most vulnerable community members first; a government that values the importance of looking after our environment and the creatures that share this planet with us. Lets send our blessings of peace to them, that they can act with wisdom and love.
Lets collectively visualise a world where everyone is safe, fed, cared for, has enough food/shelter/clothing. Lets visualise a world where our leaders are wise and compassionate. Lets visualise a world where we all care for our planet.
What you focus on expands.
Let us use our energy wisely and visualise the best for everyone. Don’t waste your energy on fear, anxiety and anger. Use your passion to focus on what you do want; put your energy into projects that work towards your vision. Lets change this world positively together.