Let go of your worries and fears…

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  You are here to experience joy, happiness, love, contentment and peace.  This is your true inner nature.  However, frequently, we can get overwhelmed with our worries, troubles and fears.

It is really important to release these as often as you need.  A technique I can highly recommend is Journaling.  There are many helpful benefits to regular journaling, but the one I am sharing here is what I call the “therapeutic moan”.

Find yourself a beautiful notebook or journal, where you can express and release through the written word, all that is troubling you.  Have a really good rant and rave, let it all out, write about everything that is worrying you in your life.  It can be quite an emotional thing to do, you may feel very angry and you may burst into tears, but it can also be incredibly liberating. Spend as much time as you need writing down all the little things and the bigger things until you feel like you have released enough pent up tension, negative thoughts and real and perceived problems.

When you have finished, I would highly recommend following this up with a brief pause and possibly a few minutes of quiet breathing, followed immediately by some positive affirmations which counterbalance some of the concerns and worries that you have been expressing.

For example, if you are worried about money, and don’t feel like you have enough, or that others have more and that is unfair, or you are worried about your financial future; get this all down in your journal and then your follow up affirmations could be:

I trust that I will always be financially provided for.

I am open and receptive to all channels of abundance.

I know that I can creatively solve my financial problems.


If you are worried about your physical health, once you have written all about your concerns, or your pain, illness or long-term health worries, then balance this with some affirmations, for example:

I am looking forward to a vibrantly healthy future.

I trust that my body has great capacity to heal itself.

I am open to receiving guidance about healing modalities that will work for me.


If you are sad that you are single and feel lonely, once you have written about all your sadness, frustration and worry about this, try out some affirmations, for example:

I know that I am loving and lovable.

I trust that the right partner will come my way very soon.

I am surrounded by loving friends and family.  I am supported, always.


Please feel free to listen to this gentle guided meditation to help you let go of your worries and fears.

Let go with the effortless ease that the trees release their leaves every autumn.