Let go of the life you had planned…

Can you embrace the changes that are happening around you and ignite your hope?

There has been a lot of talk about how we are all struggling as we are all in the same boat. But are we? Some people have young children, are in a small house, trying to work and home educate; some people are older and in the more vulnerable category, living alone struggling with loneliness and isolation, and/or the fear of getting very ill; some people are stuck in relationships that are abusive; some people have no income at all; some people are watching their businesses slowly go bust after many long years of building them up, through no fault of their own; and some people have plenty of money, lots of healthy family members that they get on with and they are still earning money – and they can be feeling incredibly grateful but also very awkward and guilty about how lucky they are; others are experiencing a lot of sadness and compassion for others in more difficult circumstances but without so many ways and means to help out; or you can be experiencing a combination of any of the above.

I have been chatting to others about how we are all living with our own experiences through this unprecedented time in history. I loved this phrase that I heard today – we aren’t all in the same boat – we are all passing through the same storm.

Life is continually changing. This is a fact. This crisis has brought this dramatically to our attention. Our thinking minds do not like this fact, and that the majority of what is happening to us is out of our control. But like the weather fronts that come across, this too shall pass. Everything is temporary.

“The only certain thing in life is change” – Chinese proverb.

Can you rest with the not knowing? Can you stay present with the change? Can you acknowledge the feelings that these interesting times are triggering for you? Can you just observe the deeply triggered emotions and reactions without getting lost at sea?

“The most uncomfortable situations in life hold the greatest potential for growth” Panache Desai

Can you tune into your hope? Can you reset your sails and adjust your position? Can you refocus your intention? This seems to be a great time to rethink your priorities. This enforced pause in your life can be a time of reflection. This can be a great time to encourage yourself to only pick up the things/people/experiences/work/situations that you want to return to and embrace the positive new adventures awaiting you.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us” Joseph Campbell, American professor and author

Reflect. Reset. Refocus

Excerpt from YES YOU CAN create a life you love:
“Be authentic and live your life purpose

Being the best version of yourself that you can be is your very best contribution to the world. Step into your divine power and live your life purpose.

Remember, there is no one else alive on this planet who can be a better you. Your particular qualities, character traits, life experiences, challenges, learning and wisdom are all unique to you. You are no greater or lesser than any other human being on this planet. Some people’s success includes huge fame and fortune, while another person’s success is rearing healthy and happy children. Some people are funny, outgoing and surrounded by lots of friends, others are quieter more introverted, needing a lot of time alone and in nature. We are all unique. Celebrate your uniqueness!

‘Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable’ Brenda Ueland, journalist and author.

You count; you are important; you are here for a reason. The answer to why you are here is to be found in following your dreams and passions, listening in to your heart and doing what you love. This is where to focus your energy.
What motivates you? What are you passionate about? What would you love to spend your time doing? What makes you feel alive?”