Let go of the life you planned!

This seems an odd title on a website that is encouraging you to follow your dreams!  What do I mean by this?  We can have our dreams and visions and these are important.  They give us hope and momentum in our lives – and this is very important for our spirit.  But sometimes, we need to let go of what we think we need or want, in order for what we truly need deep down, for our soul’s unfolding and as part of our life’s purpose;  for something different from what we thought we needed to come in.  Our minds are very small in comparison to the wisdom of our Higher Selves.  We don’t always know what is the most important thing for us to experience.  We have to let go of this trying to know and trying to control our future, and have faith, that having asked for what we think we need, that our Higher Self is then giving us divine guidance, and nudging us in the direction of that which will ultimately be in our highest good.

Letting go can lead to frustration, anger, sadness, fear.  Our control feels likes it been taken away.  We are left in the unknowing.  It is important to acknowledge our emotions.  Sit with them, listen to them, journal about them, express them and let them go.  However, know that this is our ego mind that is struggling with things apparently “not going to plan”.  Observe these emotions, and then detach from them and let them go.  Reaffirm, that you are following your divine inner guidance.  Meditation can be super helpful at these times.  To connect in with your higher self again.  I have recorded a meditation that you can click here and purchase for a nominal amount that can help you tune into your higher self and reconnect.

If you feel like you get stuck with these difficult emotions, I would recommend doing some chakra cleansing work – I have also recorded a meditation to help you cleanse your chakras which you can click here and purchase.

There are other meditations available in various places on the internet – go for ones that help you raise your vibration, release your negativity and reconnect to your divine inner wisdom.

We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us”  Joseph Campbell

But we can always keep momentum.  That is important.  We can take small divinely inspired steps each day in the direction of our dreams.  The trick is to do what is calling to you, what you feel excited by – what inspires you – even if it makes no sense at all!!  You dont need to know why you feel passionate and motivated by certain things, just connect with yourself, ask yourself – “what is my next step” – then listen to your heart’.  What does your heart want to do today/right now.  What would you love to do right now?  If you are unable to act upon it right now, then schedule in a time, as soon as possible that you can.  Honour your inner guidance.  The more you follow your heart, the clearer the guidance becomes.

Life works in mysterious ways.  Our small minds cant always comprehend and imagine the greatness that we are, that we can become, that we can experience.  Embrace the adventure of life!