Keep calm and carry on…

As a peace warrior for the world, are you wondering what can you do in the face of the fear of the coronavirus?

  • you can breathe…you can stop at regular intervals throughout the day and take 3 mindful breaths – pause where you are, close your eyes and take 3 breaths with attention on where you feel your breath in your body.
  • you can wash your hands mindfully – wash them thoroughly as recommended, but do it with attention and presence – noticing the sensation of the warm water on your hands, your fingers rubbing the soap in, the water washing the soap away and feeling all the sensations on your skin as you dry your hands well.
  • you can watch your speech around this virus – avoid spreading panic and fear.  Keep up to date with the news, but don’t listen so often that it negatively affects your present day life.  Once a day is probably enough.
  • keep focused on the present.  Is one of your daily intentions to have inner peace?  If so, keep focusing on this and don’t get caught up in anxiety ridden conversations about what may happen.  Negative thinking lowers your immune response – so as much as possible, avoid going to that place.
  • use your imagination and visualise the frenetic world energy being held in a healing white light of calm, peace, love and healing.  Do this a couple of times a day.
  • boost your immune system through consuming ample healthy and fresh fruit and vegetables, and good exercise.
  • keep a crystal by the side of your bed as an anchor point, to remind yourself about your intentions of inner peace, love and calm just before you go to sleep and first thing upon waking.
  • stay present.