Excerpt from my book: “YES YOU CAN create a life you love”

Journaling: your new best friend


I know I have mentioned this before a few times, but now I would like you to start working with this incredibly valuable tool in a more committed way. I have been journaling for over 25 years now and feel it is the one of the most dependable and effective ways of shifting things, allowing you to release what you no longer need and focus on what you want in your life. Try it for yourself.


Journaling: an ongoing activity


I would like you to journal twice each day, in the morning and evening, allowing 5-10 minutes, or more if words and feelings are flowing for you. Imagine your journal is like an ideal best friend: a great listening ear, supportive and encouraging, non-judgmental and uncritical, someone who doesn’t give unsolicited advice.


Morning writing


First thing in the morning is a great time to write, starting with some gratitude for things in your life because this is such a mood lifter at the start of the day: ‘start as you mean to go on’.


The morning journaling is also a good time to allow yourself to write about the qualities you would like to focus on during the day: for example, inner peace, patience, joy, being loving etc. Remember to keep these positive, as opposed to saying what you don’t want.


In the morning, you could also spend a few moments setting positive intentions for your day, by visualising what you are planning on doing that day unfolding in an enjoyable way. It may be having breakfast with your partner, then commuting to work, spending the day with your colleagues or customers, then returning home.  You may be going to the gym after work for example. Think about all of these scenarios and imagine them going really well. Imagine having a loving relaxed breakfast, a smooth commute to and from work, harmonious and productive conversations and work throughout the day, and an enjoyable and nourishing evening. Imagine the interactions you will have with others through the day being harmonious and loving. If your day doesn’t end up going like this, that’s fine. Work on accepting your day, exactly as it is, but also remember you can also change your perception about any challenging parts to your day.


Setting your intentions for your day can help you become aware of any aspects of the day about which you experience ongoing pessimism, resistance and negativity. By taking the time to bring your awareness to this, you then have the opportunity to work at changing this energy. It can also help to imagine sending love and blessings ahead of you, to any and every scenario and person you are likely to encounter.


If you feel there could be a challenging situation that day, change your vision.  Visualise and imagine it going incredibly well and positively, and that the best outcome for all concerned will occur.


When I am commuting to work, I focus on my daily positive affirmations. I also like to inwardly send love and positive blessings to anyone I come into contact with, sometimes imagining myself sending them a smile and best wishes. The ripple effect of this work can be immense and is immeasurable. But by remembering that in essence the world is vibrating energy, sending love and blessings out each day helps to raise the vibrational energy of the planet.


If you have time, you may wish to write about your feelings. If you are feeling good, that’s great: take the time to write it down and acknowledge it. However, you may be struggling with challenging feelings and beliefs that are coming up from doing the activities and exercises in this guide, or from life generally. Write these down and release them, replacing them with positive affirmations as I have explained previously (see below for a reminder and fuller explanation).

Evening writing


In the evening again allow 5-10 minutes, or more if you like, to write about how you have done through the day in relation to this process. Congratulate yourself on any efforts you have made, however small. You might like to add some positive affirmations to help maintain focus. Use it as an opportunity to let off some steam if necessary and/or praise yourself for overcoming challenges, noting any kind deeds etc. The evening is also a great time to refocus on things in your life for which you are thankful. This helps raise your energy field and vibration before you go to sleep.


I also love the idea of multi-tasking while sleeping! In the few minutes before you fall asleep, you can inwardly connect with your higher self and ask for help and guidance for anything you are working with at that time. You could hand over any difficult decisions or thoughts, requesting that your higher self take care of it overnight, so that in the morning you will have a fresh perspective and more wisdom around the issue. There is a well-known phrase ‘I’ll sleep on it’. Things can appear clearer and problems more resolved in the morning, as our higher self has been doing work for us while we’ve been sleeping.


If you have any concerns about your physical body, you can also ask for some healing during the night. When asking for guidance or healing whilst you sleep, always ask for it to be for your highest good to ensure that it is from the highest divine source energy.


Activity 4: Journaling to release negativity


If you have had a challenging day at work, or home with a friend or partner, you might find it beneficial to write down and release what is troubling you. If you are feeling low and negative, journal about your feelings, write everything down, get angry and swear if you need to, let it all out. Once you have finished having your rant, hopefully you will feel a bit calmer, and can then come up with some positive affirmations that make you feel better.


As mentioned previously, work gently with affirmations, go for the ones that feel believable to you right now, and slowly build them up to being stronger and more positive. We will be working more with this idea later on in Step 8 too.


For example:

I am starting to look at valuing myself.

I am choosing to value myself and believe in myself.

I am valuable and worthwhile.

I believe in myself

I would like to start caring for myself; I am choosing to care for myself.

I care for and value myself.

I am important.

I am caring, kind, compassionate and loving.

I love myself; or, I like myself; or, I am learning to like myself; or I am starting to learn how to like myself.


If you are feeling anxious and fearful, affirm your courage, faith and trust:

I am brave.

I can rise to the challenge of …

I am capable and strong.

I am surrounded by love and support


If you are feeling angry, release it with:

‘I am willing to release my anger towards…

Or my anger with…

Or my anger about…

and then channel your energy into affirming positive statements about how passionate you are, how important you are, how important your boundaries are, how much you deserve to have your needs met.


If you are feeling unacknowledged and uncared for, affirm how important you are, how many people love you and value your relationship with them: your children, partner, parents and close friends.

We are here to live fully and to grow’ Wallace Wattles, author.

Don’t view your difficulties and obstacles as something to avoid. Embrace the challenges and the growth they offer you.


The therapeutic moan


Often in a lot of modern positive affirmation work, people feel that they need to be positive all the time. This is great, but not if it means being in denial of any negative feelings that are coming up for you.


Having what I call a ‘therapeutic moan’ is really important. There will be some days and times when you are really struggling with life, work or certain situations. By using your journal, as a supportive and non-judgemental listening ear, it is important to get these thoughts and feelings off your chest. Have a good old moan about how negative you are feeling, the challenges you are experiencing, work colleagues who are annoying you etc. Let it all out. You might find swearing beneficial as it has more punch to it.


But then stop. Don’t then spend the next few days moaning about the same things with every person you encounter. This just focuses your energy on negative things, and remember that what you focus on expands. Have a good therapeutic moan to release these challenging thoughts and feelings, and then truly let them go. Don’t hold on to them anymore. If there is a particularly challenging situation, hand it over to your higher self and ask for a divine resolution to the problem. Ask for help and support in letting go.


By replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations, every time you think of this challenging thought or situation, you can remind yourself that you have handed it over to your higher self for resolution. Refocus your mind on the affirmation that is supporting your new life situation.