It’s all about divine timing!

I’ve been working with the law of attraction for many years and have been asking for something that is quite a long way financially from where I am now.  I have been studying many different authors and sources, which seem to concur, that if you ask clearly for what you want; you then believe that you can have it; you will then receive it.
It occurred to me again today, that I feel like I have a lot of faith, however, it is all in the timing! There is a divine timing to all things occurring.  If what we wish for and desire were manifest instantly in our lives, we would have no trouble with believing the law of attraction/creation. However, when things take longer than we want, we struggle with our faith.  We then start believing others (and our inner voice) when they tell us, it cant happen, why do we deserve that, its too expensive, etc
We then start affirming that it is impossible or too far fetched for this to enter our lives, this then starts negating all the work you have been doing in asking for it to come into your life.
Recently, something similar to what I have been asking for, came into my life, and I felt really disappointed that it wasn’t near enough to what I had been asking for.  It was far from my dream scenario!  However, an inspiring friend in my life reminded me, that maybe it was just a step closer towards what I have been asking for, rather than the thing itself.   Alternatively, it could also be, that there was a letting go process or a reaffirming process that I needed to go through to get clearer about where I am prepared to compromise.  Watch this space!…………………

Helen Keller said “Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want

We are so conditioned by our past experiences that it is can feel really difficult to change and appreciate that the power is in the present moment.