Imbolc Festival

Celebrating the Celtic festival of Imbolc.  This is also known as candlemas and the festival of Brigid.  The original word Imbolg translates as pregnant, as the earth is just about to burst forth with new life in the run up to the spring equinox in March.  We start to see early signs of spring stirring all around us.  I know that when I have been listening to the birds in my garden, their song is starting to change, the woodpeckers are chattering and hammering the trees and the magpies are landing on the horses backs and taking the first spring moult from their heavy winter coats.

This time of year can give us renewed hope, that we are approaching the end of winter (although February and March can still be very cold), as we see the days lengthening and the sun rising higher in the sky.  Energetically this can be a great time to let go of what is weighing us down, so we dont bring it into our next cycle with us and to focus on renewing and invigorating our energy field – spring cleaning our houses, our bodies and our minds is great to do from now.

Imbolc is traditionally the festival of the Goddess Brigid and is a festival of fire.  She is a Goddess of healing, poetry, fertility and birth.  If you wish to mark or celebrate this new time of the year, you may wish to plant some seeds, make a Brigid’s cross, light some candles, sow the seeds of what you wish to create this year by making a new vision board or have a bonfire – you may want to write what you are letting go of, and burn this on the fire.