If you were guaranteed to succeed what would you be doing?

Someone asked me recently, if you were guaranteed to succeed with anything you wanted to do, what would you be doing?

Well the answer to that only took me a few minutes to come up with, it was very close to the surface.  Is it what I’m now doing?  Not entirely.  Are you doing what you would love to be doing?  Are you following your heart?  Living your dream life?  If not, why not?

Why aren’t you doing it then, if its something you would really like to be doing? I observe that what comes up for me is a combination of:  Fear of failure. Fear of ridicule.  Knowing that there’s lots of other people around already doing it.  They’be been doing it for longer. They’re possibly more qualified, more experienced.  Why would people want to come to me?  I haven’t even written a book yet!

I generally feel that I’m a fairly confident person in most areas of my life but I was surprised at my lack of confidence and vulnerability at the thought of putting myself out there in the public arena, offering new services to the public.  I’ve even read the book, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

I’m sure that this is a very human condition, and that I’m not alone.  I think that fear of failure and ridicule is very commonplace.  I then remind myself that a lot of the well known inspirational people out there, 2 of whom immediately spring to mind – JKRowling and Henry Ford, (I dont know why I picked those 2!).  JK Rowling had numerous rejections before her book was published and Henry Ford had many setbacks – the rest is history as they say.
It feels easier to carry on doing what I’m currently doing (and that is fine as I do still really enjoy my work and plan to continue in any case).  

I feel like there is a passion inside me that wants to reach out.  Do you have those feelings? I read a lot of spiritual books, and recently read about how our purpose here is for our soul to expand.  Our consciousness to expand.  Change and expansion is a part of who we are, our life purpose.