How to create positive changes…

  • Are there positive changes you would like to create in your life?
  • Wouldn’t it be lovely if every time you thought about something, some person or some experience you would like to have, it automatically appeared?

When there is something you want to manifest in your life, the answer from the universe is always yes! You can have this thing, experience or person come to you. However, the two challenges we will probably encounter with this are:

  1. that we don’t truly believe that it can and will happen and
  2. we want it to happen in the way we expect.

Timing is an issue here. Although we live in an energetic universe which responds immediately to our thoughts, for things to manifest physically there is a time delay. This sets the scene for us to lose faith and therefore sometimes change our minds or put our energy more into the not-believing we can have it, therefore this then becomes our reality.

The other issue is understanding that the way our desired experience, person or thing manifests is out of our control.

For example, we might have our heart set on someone romantically and we want them to become more attentive, loving and present for us. By affirming that this is what we feel we want, need and deserve in our lives, the universe will bring this to us. If we keep the faith, this person will appear but it won’t necessarily bring us the person that we were thinking of or that we think we want.
The person that we are currently with might not be able to step up and meet these perceived needs and wants of ours. So this might be a longer process than we anticipated, there might be a break up initially, some soul searching some reaffirming of our self-worth and deepening our trust before the person that matches these requirements can come into our space.

We can apply these theories to anything we want to manifest. We have to gain clarity about what we want; then trust and believe that we are deserving of this thing or experience; we will then most likely have to go through a process of letting go of our negative past-conditioning or beliefs that say we can’t have it, and then work on allowing ourselves to open to receive.

  • Trust in yourself.
  • Trust in your ability to manifest.
  • Trust in the universe to provide what you need and want.
  • Then relax and open your energy field to receive.
‘When you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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