How much money is enough?

Following on from my previous blog about is it ok to be spiritual and wealthy.  How much is enough money? When do we call ourselves wealthy or rich?  Is it all relative?  Does money represent something for you – love? security? status? success?
A friend recently said to me, we never feel like we have enough money – because however much we earn, we just spend more and see more things we would like to buy or experiences to spend our money on.  Is this true? 
If my income doubled – would I feel wealthy?  Do I feel wealthy now?  I certainly have all my needs met – I have a house, clothing, enough food to eat.  I am therefore wealthier than the majority of the world’s population.  So why dont I always feel wealthy?  The basis of capitalism is a consumer society.  We are fed the idea that the more money we have, the happier we will be.  But surely, the more “things” we own, the more we can feel worried about losing.  The more “insurance” we need to buy.
What are we ultimately looking for?
I would suggest it is:
Happiness, sense of security, love, a sense of belonging, friendship, good health, a loving family, possibly to have children, a sense of life purpose.  Can any of these things be bought?…………………
A Buddhist teacher I heard of said, “if you want to feel contented, reduce your needs”
According to Buddhist teachings, “one will never be truly happy until one is Enlightened”

Enlightenment to most of us, probably appears to be unattainable.  However, Eckhart Tolle in his books: The Power of Now and A New Earth, says that we can have brief moments of enlightenment when we are totally present, 100% in the Now.  
Instead of chasing money, maybe we should be seeking Being………………..