How can you best look after yourself right now?

Well – what a week!
It seems like we are starting afresh each day.  Each new day seems to be bringing its new challenges and blessings.  During this time, you could keep asking yourself:

How can I best look after myself right now?

Suggestions include:

  • To pause for a few minutes and focus on your breath.  Pay attention to where you notice it the most in your body – your chest, your nostrils, your belly?
  • To make a list of the activities/emails/phone-calls you need to attend to today, so they don’t keep circling around in your mind and causing you more stress and overwhelm
  • Make the changes you are able to make – these might be financial, or health related and then accept the things that are happening around you that you have no control over.
  • Stop talking negatively about this situation – instead of calling these “difficult times”, maybe call it “challenging times” and then remind yourself that you have the power to overcome any challenges that come your way.
  • Take some exercise.
  • Call a friend – again watch that you aren’t indulging your negative and fear-based thoughts.  Let any conversations be about either about how you are working to overcome any challenges, or how grateful you are for x,y and z.
  • Sign up to some free zoom groups that offer activities that make you feel good – yoga, mindfulness, dance etc
  • Treat yourself: Listen to some inspiring podcasts; Have a relaxing bath;  watch something funny or uplifting on the TV; listen to uplifting or upbeat music, have a enjoyable hot drink.
  • Reduce your exposure to the news.  You may find reading it is less disruptive than watching it.  And maybe once per day is more than enough.
  • Help others – as and when you can
  • Do something productive that gives you a sense of achievement – spring clean your house? catch up on sorting out your paperwork? do some gardening.
  • Choose to not do anything.  Sit or lie peacefully.
  • Get out in nature.  Listen to the birds, smell the blossom, soak up the sunshine.
  • Stay in the moment.  Don’t look too far ahead into the future if it is disturbing your mental health and well-being.  Things are changing so rapidly.  Stay with the situation as it is now and the very near future.  Do what you can and need to do and let go of the rest.  Live your life moment by moment.