How are you in this transitional time of year?

Although we are fully immersed in autumn, it feels like winter is approaching fast and with it comes Christmas which can be an externally busy and sociable time of year.  This is somewhat in opposition to what is happening in nature.  In nature, things are switching off, turning in, going to sleep and resting.  Can you keep tuning into your inner needs and making sure you are listening to what you need and want rather than feeling pressure to do something that isn’t right for you.

This can be a quiet and tired time of year physically but equally as you rest and turn within, you may get flashes of inspiration of what you want to do, for example, new ideas or directions to take next year, inspired action steps to take you closer to life experiences you would like to be having.

So act on inspired action, and also rest (without judgment) when you need to.  This is a peculiar time of year energetically so try and approach your changing thoughts, feelings, wants and needs with curiosity, compassion, non-judgement, acceptance and passion.