How are you feeling today?

Do you sometimes wake up feeling grumpy, irritable, sad, blue or anxious? Or you may wake up feeling good and well but during the day, an event or a conversation occurs that you notice upsets you in some way and you end up feeling anxious or low. It’s very common. Sometimes we can feel like there is a reason we have woken up in a particular way – maybe we had bad dreams, maybe we had an argument before we went to bed, maybe we are dreading our day ahead.
You could ask yourself the question – do I want to feel like this or would I prefer to be feeling good right now?

I cant recommend highly enough, the practice of cleansing your energy field. There are many ways to do this and they can seemingly miraculously change the way you feel. I offer a couple of suggestions of how to do this below:

1. Have a shower: allow the water to flow directly over the crown of your head. Feel this water cleansing not only your physical body but your aura, the energy field around your physical body. Visualise any difficult emotions, any leftover conversations or challenging memories from the day or week before being washed away. Allow this cleansing water to wash away any negativity you are experiencing. Move around under the shower head so the water can wash over your shoulders, over the length of your arms, flow over your back and belly, down your legs and you may wish to pick your feet up to cleanse the bottom of your feet. See this negativity drain away down the plughole.

When you have done this, you could then imagine this water being full of pure positive, invigorating energy, and allow it to now fill those gaps that the released negativity has created; fill it with pure, loving, motivating energy.

When you have finished, see if your energy feels different. It may feel more positive or just less negative, if not it may feel more neutral and less charged.

2. Have an energy shower: this second shower is a visualised shower of white healing loving energy. You can sit or lie in a comfortable position. If you have had a challenging day at work, you could always do this on your commute home.

Close your eyes and notice your breath in your body. Notice what emotion or emotions you are currently feeling. Imagine a shower above your head, or a flow of pure white energy. This energy flows over the outside of your body, cleansing and removing any negativity and difficult feelings you may be experiencing. Visualise it flowing through the centre of your body, from the top of your head, down to the bottom of your feet. Allow this pure white healing energy to cleanse your entire energy field and drain away into the earth where it is purified and returned to source.

Then visualise this loving, healing, protective white energy fill the spaces where your negative and challenging emotions were being held. Allow your system to be charged up, invigorated, and awakened.

Allow yourself to bask in this beautiful white energetic light for a few minutes before gently opening your eyes and moving on with your day.

I have recorded a couple of energy cleansing meditations. They are my Chakra Cleansing Meditation and my Cleanse your Energy Field meditation.

Other ways to cleanse your energy field including having a long relaxing bath, especially using epsom salts; walking in nature; swimming in the sea or a river; going for a run or cycle. There are many other ways to shift any negativity you may be struggling with. I would love you to let me know what works for you.

Please let me know how you find the guided meditations above and if there are any other meditations you would like to receive in the future.