Have you stopped to smell the flowers?

Are you finding things a little challenging right now?  Are you getting restless and wondering what else you can do? Would you like to feel happier and more content?

Can you allow yourself to stay in the present moment?  When you do, you are reminded of your inner creativity, your adaptability, your flexibility.  When you accept how your life is right now, you can surrender and let go, you can relax and trust, you can allow yourself to feel supported.  You are an infinitely creative being.  Trust that you can creatively problem solve any challenges that come your way.

Accepting the present moment for what it is isn’t a passive action.  It can take a lot of focus and releasing of judgement.  This isn’t a case of saying that you want things to stay the same.  The power is in the now.  When you totally accept how things are right now, you can then set your intention for what you want to change, for where you want to be heading, by totally allowing what is, to be.

To help yourself come into the present moment, you can focus your awareness on your physical body – all your five senses; or your breath.  Your body and your breath are always in the present moment, your mind is frequently not.

Excerpt from my new book: ‘YES YOU CAN create a life you love’

 “Living in the flow of life and the present moment is your natural state

 Your natural state is one of inner joy, awe, wonder, spontaneity, happiness, gratitude and presence. If you observe a healthy, happy toddler, you will notice how delighted they are with everything they encounter in the world around them. They awake eager to start the day, full of curiosity, expecting to have their physical needs of hunger and comfort met, fully able to go with the flow of what is occurring in each particular moment. They aren’t worrying about what is happening later or fretting about what happened yesterday. They are able to respond with enjoyment, curiosity and playfulness to each new situation presented to them. We could learn a lot about the state of presence and how to ‘be’ by hanging out in a relaxed and carefree way with toddlers.

This way of ‘being’ is your natural state. Responding to what is presented to us each day with a deep sense of inner contentment and peace, with a mind open to new ideas, with playfulness, creativity, flexibility, acceptance and adaptability in situations of adversity. As adults, we also have plans to make, timings to consider, deadlines to meet and bills to pay, but by changing our attitude towards our external experiences we can do all of these ‘adult’ tasks in a more joyful and fulfilling way.

 Try this activity:  Say Yes to life!  This is a playful exercise…enjoy!

For 24 hours say yes to everything! Do you want a cup of tea? Yes. Do you want this seat on the bus? Yes. Do you want a carrier bag with your shopping? Yes. Do you want to come to the cinema today? Yes. Do you want sex tonight? Yes. Do you want a lift into town? Yes. Do you want to come to the gym with me? Yes.

Obviously, do not say yes if it is inappropriate, unsafe, not in your best interest, insulting or derogatory to you. Play around and have fun. If you do have to say ‘no’ to something, take the time to think about what it could have been like if you had said yes. Is your default pattern to resist life experiences before trying them out?

Start noticing the things and areas in your life that you are more likely to automatically say ‘no’ to. Could you start being open to saying ‘yes’ to this part of your life more often, would this be in your interest? Could it open up new channels of energy flowing to you, new possibilities?

This exercise is about letting go of your resistance to life and learning to be open to new and exciting possibilities, experiences and all that life has to offer.”

“Beyond the bend in the road

there may be a well, a castle.

There may be simply more road.

I neither know nor ask.

As long as I’m on the road before the bend

I simply look at the road before the bend,

since I can see only the road before the bend.

It would do no good to look elsewhere

or at what I can’t see.

Let’s just concentrate on where we are.

There’s beauty enough in being here, not elsewhere.

If anyone’s there beyond the bend in the road,

let them worry about what’s beyond the bend in the road.

That is the road, to them.

If we arrive there when we arrive we’ll know.

Now we only know that we’re not there.

Here there’s only the road before the bend, and before the bend

there’s the road with no bend at all.”

By Fernando Pessoa