Great and positive change?

Can you use these incredibly changing times as catalysts for great and positive change in your life?
With all that is going on at the moment, it is easy to get bogged down in the day to day anxiety, fear, survival reaction, anger, negativity or despondency energy. I love the Buddhist teaching “This too shall pass”
Be assured that this process that we are all going through collectively and individually, will pass. Life will move on at some point into a more “normal” way of life. However, don’t be expecting your life to revert to exactly as it was before. The previous “normal” has now gone. Our lives will be changed forever. This huge worldwide situation will change the way we perceive life, the way we react to things, people and experiences and how we behave in the world from now on.
This isn’t necessarily bad or good – it will just be different. Like after World War 2, people behaved and reacted differently. Life never went back to how it was beforehand. The human psyche will be changed by this, forever.
I have noticed that there is a general feeling that people are opening to real change happening in their lives. They are starting to look at life with new eyes. Having the rug pulled out from under your feet can do this. It can make you stop and take stock – What do you need? What do you need to let go of? What could you start trying for the first time ever? Are there new activities and ideas that I might wish to consider bringing into my life? People all around me are starting to open to different ideas and ways of being and doing.
How do you want your personal life to be changed? Can you start to open your mind to new possibilities? Can you start to gently focus on what you want your life to look like in the future? It feels like everything, certainly in my life, is up for question. So examine all aspects of your life – slowly and gently, without judgement.
You may not be ready to start doing this yet, you may still be coping with getting by daily. That is fine. Do not judge where you are at. Some of us just need to give ourselves a break from expectations and positivity as we are still in survival mode and getting by as best we can.
However, if things are starting to calm down internally and externally for you, perhaps you can start looking out at what you wish to attract into your life in the future.
Can you use these incredibly changing times as catalysts for great and positive change in your life?
• Ask yourself what you would like to see and create in your future life. Set your intentions.
• Be open to totally new thoughts and ideas coming to you.
• Trust that what is going on, can be used for your highest good and can open you up to create amazing and inspiring changes in your life.
• Let go of how it will come to you. Trust that the Universe is on your side.
Excerpt from my new book: ‘YES YOU CAN create a life you love’
“There is considered to be an energy or consciousness that is the source of everything around you right now and which includes you and your physical body. This source energy is infinitely creative and expansive at its core.
You emerged from this source energy and at your core, you are a creative being. When you want to manifest something in your life, you can tap into this divine source energy, your creativity, your inner wisdom and guidance. By using your intention, your attention and focus, you can manifest what you want, as long as you believe it will be so. Belief is vitally important part of consciously working with this energy field. You will also need to take action steps towards this thing or experience you want to manifest. Taking inspired action is a vital component of manifesting positive changes.
I like the analogy that if you imagine this universal energy is the ocean. If you take one drop from the ocean, that drop is still the ocean. You are like that drop. You come from the one source. You are part of divine source, even though you are currently living as an individual, you are still a part of this infinite source energy. Even though you are living in an individual physical body, ultimately you are composed of energy. When your physical body dies, your energy still exists, because you are part of source energy, the all that is, the eternal consciousness, from which everything was created. You are connected with all others as we are all part of this universal energy. We all emerged from it and we are all part of it. You are divine source energy.
Being part of this infinitely creative energy source, you are innately creative. You seek to express, create and expand your energy throughout your life. This often comes to us as a feeling of wanting more, of wanting to experience more and expand our lives.
Most of us feel we have a desire for more. In western societies, our perception of this desire is often experienced as thinking that we need and want more and bigger material objects and more money. As many of us are realising more frequently, having more material objects, money and things doesn’t ultimately satisfy us or bring us happiness and inner peace.
However, at a deep level, we do have a need and desire to experience, express and expand our creative and energetic field. This is more fulfilling when we connect with and express our inner selves and the underlying unconditionally loving energy that underpins the universe we live in. When we experience this, our physical and material needs feel secondary. We are creative beings and we are constantly changing and expanding and seeking fulfilment and happiness, that is our innate nature. This book is connecting you with this inner need and desire to feel more expansive, fulfilled and to creatively express yourself.